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5 Printing Providers that can Offer you Creative Custom Lash Box Design Options

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Shoppers for cosmetics have a limited attention span. Leaving a lasting impression is, therefore, quite tricky and challenging for beauty brands. If you claim to have an easy to apply, affordable, and finest false eyelashes collection, enthralling packaging will help you with adding glam to the offers. Dazzling and detailed boxes displaying the items would incline the lash lovers to try them out; they will be compelled into knowing the features, formulation, and price of your products. Captivating packaging would make the silk, sable, mink, and strip falsies hard to ignore on the point of sale displays and counters. 

Packaging that is delighting for the eyes and has persuasive information about products would sway the lash veterans to make a quick purchase. A coruscating custom lash box design can turn out to be a game-changer for making the items an instant hit. Using an original and intriguing packaging idea would earn your brand a unique identity. The boxes can be leveraged to your advantage for endorsing the individuality of your false eyelashes range. Describe the uniqueness of falsies through a communicative packaging artwork. You should opt for an adept printer that has a talented graphics team to provide you design assistance. 

Don’t make a rushed decision when selecting a box manufacturer; you should take ample time to evaluate turnaround, pricing, and other service aspects.

We are sharing honest reviews of the top 5 packaging printing companies you can rely on to design engrossing boxes for eyelashes!

The Legacy Printing 

An Insight about the Personalized Packaging Solutions 

The box design and manufacturing company serve the diverse needs of a broad client base that includes businesses of all sorts and sizes. The packaging provider has assisted many new, renowned, and struggling cosmetic brands improve their customer outreach and sales through riveting and result-oriented boxes. The online printer has a professional team with significant industry experience of working with different kinds of corporate clients and individuals. You are likely to receive a genial and gratifying service experience from them. The printing provider believes in innovation and keeps pace with evolving trends and techniques. It has managed to build a sound repute in just a few years’ time and is lauded for maintaining service excellence. The box supplier has the expertise for printing all kinds of retail packaging items, especially cosmetic ones. If you want to create hype for your newly introduced corner lashes, the printer has unique templates and catchy customizations. 

The printer can get your boxes printed with the “wow” factor, leaving the onlookers hooked to your fake eyelashes. The graphic designers are pretty competent and can think outside the box to help refine an artwork you already have or ask for enlivening new design options. They are familiar with creative visualization and 3D effects.

About Stocks and Techniques  

The printer has the knack for personalizing all kinds of makeup and other boxes. You can have the eyelash packaging made the way you want with your desired specifications. Pick a stock, style, size, and finishing details you like, and the boxes would be printed according to your requirements and inclinations. The production staff is keen to assist you with your queries. If you have any questions regarding full, two-color, and digital printing processes, feel free to ask them. The Legacy Printing uses premium quality stocks and inks in the manufacturing of retail packaging.

Popularly used printing materials like cardboard, kraft, and paper stock can be checked before you place your order. Get samples made so that you can evaluate and compare the thickness and flexibility of the stocks. You don’t have to pay any extra sampling charges. 

Affordable Wholesale Printing 

The printer has a production and delivery time of just 8-12 days. All the printed items are checked twice by QA experts to ensure only finely finished boxes are sent to the clients. The price range for the wholesale print job varies for different products but is nominal. There are no limitations on the number of packaging boxes you want to print. 

Packaging Republic 

This online printing provider offers contemporarily printed boxes for businesses. Ranging from packaging for cosmetics, apparel, takeaway, shipping, and gifts, you can have all types and styles of boxes made with your favored printing material and custom choices. The box manufacturer is commended and recommended for delivering a delightful and timely experience to its clients. Take a look at the website to check out the custom lash box design options. If you don’t like any of the templates, upload your own layout file to get the packaging personalized as per your liking. You can have a sample made to suggest any changes before getting the bulk boxes printed. The sales and support teams are proactive in responding to questions. 

Other Services to Vouch for 

The printing company will be interested in understanding the kind of cosmetic company you have, the false eyelashes you intend to pitch and will inquire about the demographics and psychographics of your target audience. The printer will get the packaging designed and printed, considering your business requirements and the mindset of the potential buyers. There are die-cut styles available for the boxes that you can get tailored. Check the possibility of having your packaging crafted in a style you like. CMYK and other latest techniques are used in manufacturing makeup boxes. 

The turnaround time of this printer is around 10-12 days, and you can have the order delivered any place in the US. 


The printer offers well-designed and printed mailers, folding cartons, and shipping boxes. You can thus take your pick for the delivery packaging for your beauty items and get them custom printed your way. Designing the boxes is simple and time-saving. You can select a stock from cardboard or corrugated material or ask for other alternatives. 

The printing provider doesn’t take weeks to print and deliver orders which is why it is favored by businesses. Pricing for different products varies; getting a custom quote enables you to estimate the cost of your print job. The printer uses the most recent printing processes for manufacturing the boxes. The CS team can be contacted through email or call. 

The Custom Boxes 

The packaging printer has been in the industry for quite a while and deals in various boxes for all industries, the quality of the packaging is good, and custom printing is not overpriced. You get to have the packages designed by the graphics team of the printer that is helpful and can give you appealing custom lash box design ideas. Quality inks and stocks are used in printing the makeup packaging. 

The printing company has a trained customer service team to discuss your finishing requirements and delivery timeline. The production time is not annoyingly long. There are templates displayed on the website to give you layout options. 

Refine Packaging 

This box printer can custom make all kinds of packaging items. The finesse of boxes and reasonable production and shipping time are the reasons to rely on this printing provider. The website of this box manufacturing company is quite interactive and user-friendly. You can navigate through the different sections and know in detail about the services you are looking for. The templates are also there, pick one that interests you. 

The printer has a cooperative CS team that ensures the queries are satisfactorily answered, and issues are resolved swiftly. You can sign up with this packaging supplier for your cosmetic box design and printing. 

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