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6 Trendy Lehenga Choli Designs That Will Make Your Day

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A designer lehenga choli is a timeless ethnic attire not just for brides but for every woman. No festive occasion or family get-together is complete without the latest Kreeva lehenga choli. Nevertheless, as with numerous other attires, the lehenga choli trends, too, has evolved over the past few years. 

Be it combining them with modern elements or mixing up two different Indian traditional wear, lehenga choli has forever looked glamorous on every woman, regardless of age and body figure. However, you might still not understand how many different lehenga choli designs exist and which will suit your figure the best. In this blog, we will help you get acquainted with diverse lehenga choli patterns that will assist you in finding your best pick. 

So let’s get started, shall we?

Six popular styles of lehenga choli this festive season 

When it comes to selecting among the party wear Dress, women hold many choices in terms of styles, materials, designs and patterns. You can go for either the mermaid look or flared skirts. 

Similarly, you can choose heavily embroidered or net fabric for your lehenga. However, regardless of the availability of such a wide variety of party wear lehenga choli designs, not many women know about the different lehenga types. 

Hence to acquaint you with diverse lehenga cholis, here are six designer lehenga patterns that you can try experimenting with this wedding and festive season.

  • A-line lehenga choli 

If you have ever attended an Indian wedding or festive party, you must have seen women donning this designer wedding lehenga choli. It was a well-known fashion trend back in the 70s and 80s but made a fierce comeback in modern times, becoming everyone’s go-to lehenga design. Also, the reason for its growing rage is how it can give a classic look but be contemporary at the same time, making it a flexible choice for women across ages and generations.

The A-line ghagra choli cinches your waist, making the illusion of a slimmer waistline as it spreads towards the bottom. Thus, it is excellent for women with pear-shaped and hourglass body types. Nevertheless, tall women, too, can wear this lehenga in style when paired with some statement jewellery and a cute hairstyle.

  • Georgette lehenga choli

The georgette material is prevalent for the flattering way it fits your body. This sheer material holds grace and fluidity that work flawlessly for a vivid lehenga choli look. This Georgette lehenga choli for women arrives in different degrees of decoration. However, the ones with lightweight designs are the perfect summer choice. 

Also, when attending a wedding party, a foil work or mirror work lehenga choli in a light georgette material can give you an effortlessly magnificent semblance, especially in pastel or lively summer shades like orange and yellow. Moreover, another kind of needlework that goes well with this georgette lehenga choli is embroidery work that gives an exquisite look when teamed up with matching choker and hair accessories.

  • Jacket style lehenga choli

This design of lehenga for ladies is effortless to carry and manage. Since the jacket in this lehenga design supersedes the dupatta, there is no concern regarding holding or pinning up dupattas. Instead, you can remain breezy when donning your jacket-style lehenga choli. Moreover, the jackets never make the attire look over the top or uncomfortable.

Most jacket-style Indian lehenga online holds a flared pattern with heavy lacework or zardozi. Nevertheless, the overall effect of this outfit shifts with the type of jacket you select. To get more royal vibes, you can choose a heavily embellished designer lehenga or go for a simple floral jacket for a refined look. 

  • Soft net lehenga choli

Even after featuring rich thread work embroidery, or decorations with stones, beads, and sequins, stunning net lehenga choli does not weigh as much as their other designer lehenga options. The flared shape and silhouette of this net ghagra choli will make you channel your inner diva and make heads turn on every occasion. 

As numerous embellishment options are available, these net lehenga cholis look stunning when teamed up with statement earrings and matching footwear. Women of every age group and body type can sport net lehenga cholis to get an attractive look. 

  • Straight cut lehenga choli 

One of the most prevalent lehenga choli designs is the straight-cut. This lehenga design is versatile and looks stunning on women of all sizes and shapes. These are perfect for those who don’t fancy pleats, fluff, or flares. 

Also, one of the most suitable ways to style this lehenga choli is by teaming up with a crop top or sleeveless blouse. Since these lehengas fall over your curves, straight-cut lehenga styles are perfect for modern women who want to make a striking fashion statement.

  • Floral lehenga choli 

Floral patterns have been a significant part of Indian ethnic wear, and there are numerous designs for floral printed lehenga choli out there. These printed floral lehenga cholis have become a favoured outfit option for brides and wedding guests alike. 

Also, high-end fashion designers and celebrities have welcomed this simple lehenga choli design

in the past few years, and now it has earned prevalence among the masses as well. Hence we can say that a stunning floral print lehenga choli makes you look lively and refreshing when teamed up with diamond or pearl jewellery and high heels.

Buy these designer lehenga cholis online 

Any wedding party or special occasion is incomplete without women donning gorgeous lehenga cholis. These latest lehenga choli designs are bright and help accentuate your feminine beauty, all the while screaming classic beauty. 

Also, women have different choices when shopping for trendy lehenga choli online. However, when shopping for a designer lehenga choli, keep in mind to pick the one that perfectly flatters your curves and suit your body type. Moreover, selecting lehenga cholis based on your body type can guarantee that you look your best at every event and make heads turn as you step into a room. | Newsphere by AF themes.