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Best Buyer’s Guide About Wedding Tables

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Best Buyer’s Guide About Wedding Tables

In every wedding or event, before the banquet was successfully completed, behind a sophisticated team operation, there are items, ideas, and venue compositions. In the previous brochure we detailed many of the specific uses of wedding chairs, and today we will focus on another important category of event furniture, events and wedding tables.

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  1. Introduction About Wedding Tables
  2. Material of Wedding Chairs
  3. Ideas on how to decorate a wedding table
  4. How to number tables at a wedding
  5. Where to rent or buy wedding tables
  6. How to choose wedding tables manufacturers
  7. The right tablecloth for the wedding table
  8. What kind of chair and bench should match the wedding table?
  9. How to transport and store banquet tables
  10. How to link long tables together to form a longer table

Wedding tables make up a large proportion of weddings. Style, layout, and matching of tables play an important role in the final effect. In many events tables are used to impress people so that the whole event can achieve a superior effect. Many well-known designers and design companies will first consider the style of the table to determine the tone of the entire event. Here is more on the wedding tables:

edding chair

About Wedding Tables and Chairs

Every day, we see many kinds of wedding tables, and basically every 2 to 3 years, popular wedding tables will be designed in different styles, materials, or colors. Common types of wedding tables are introduced according to the following classification criteria:

First, they are divided according to the shape: round, rectangular, square, semi-circular, or even winding. Surveys show that the proportion of round tables in weddings are 55% and rectangular ones, 24.8%. The round table is easier for people to get close and communicate, semi-circular and meandering shapes are more used according to the shape and size of the venue, and if we need to increase the number of people there are special shapes.

edding tables

According to the size and number of seats to divide, a different number of tables will be arranged for the wedding or event. A table can be divided into 4, 6, 8, 10 seats or more, sometimes we can also place tables together for more people to sit at.

edding chairs

Do you need foldable or no-foldable tables?

Many times color and style are inextricably linked. Color will determine the overall style, and the wedding style needs the corresponding color to accompany the lining, and the color of the table plays a very special role, white plastic table and retro dark black ones will be very different styles. The styles of the tables are divided into modern French style, Windsor castle, sea breeze, industrial wind, retro style, which are widely used in castle weddings, vineyard weddings, or even barn weddings.

edding folding tables

Banquet tables and wedding tables can also be divided into foldable and non-foldable criteria. This makes it easy for you to buy them. If they have to be in a fixed space, because fixed tables and chairs do not often move to and from the place, you can completely choose tables which do not need to have folding function. In a place where you need to move frequently, change combinations, and change styles, you can choose a table with folding functions for easy folding and handling.

edding chairs

Material Of Wedding Tables

When it comes to the material of the wedding table, it can be divided into many categories, so let us focus on the materials:

There are several kinds of wedding table materials:

  • Iron and wood combination: most of them have a wooden tabletop and metal table legs, wood is the eternal theme, enduring.
    lywood folding Serpentine Banquet Table
  • Plastic and wood: they present a combination of plastic tabletops and wooden table legs, which requires a certain amount of technology bar plastic and wooden parts combined.
  • Full solid wood: 100% all wooden (pine, oak) tables, including farm tables.
hildren farm tables suppliers
  • Plywood: The main material used to produce a regular banquet table is plywood, and the tabletops that are made basically by pressing together 11 layers of plywood which are extraordinarily strong and do not get deformed.
ulti-layer wood table
  • Glass Table: Glass tabletop, metal frame
anquet tables wholesale
  • Yaki Table: The table is made of whole axle material, and so are its legs.
  • All-plastic plus metal legs table: If this is the table to focus on, for indoor and outdoor wide flow, we can use an oversized table.
lastic wedding tables
  • Mirror:  Mirror table, stylish, bright.
anquet tables wholesale
  • MDF: Medium density fiberboard, not easy to deform.
  • Led table: A glowing Led table is always new and chic.
ectangle bar table

Ideas on how to decorate a wedding table

Tablecloths, napkins, plates, flowers, flower racks, silverware, glasses, candlesticks, play an important role in table decoration.

edding chair decorations

To emphasize what we want according to the requirements, we can configure all these things together to create a harmonious decoration.

edding chairs decorations

Coordination and color matching are the principles of a good decoration.

How to number tables at a wedding

How should various combinations be arranged?

What are the main purposes and demands of equipping?

ow to number tables at a wedding

According to the size of the site, the number of people, the maximum arrangement is appropriate, make a design, and then plan the maximum number, leaving the passage for people to walk.

Where to rent or buy wedding tables

So where can we buy a wedding table? This can be based on the number of tables we want to buy, and the time required deciding on which channels to buy, advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Through the network search, find the right manufacturers or agents to buy from, the proportion of online procurement is increasing, especially in the current outbreak, it can be searched through Google.
  2. You can go straight to the factory. By buying directly from the manufacturers, we can get competitive prices and reduce the intermediate links. Below we will explain how to choose the factory, we hope this will be helpful.

lack and wood farmhouse table

How to choose wedding tables manufacturers

Now that we are going to buy a table from the factory, how can we choose the tables?  In what ways do we have to look at it?

  1. Field visit: This is the best, we can personally go to the factory, see the production line, production scale and quality control system, you can see the actual quality of the product, have face-to-face contact with sales staff, negotiate, it facilitates better communication between the two sides.
  2. Web search, and then rate: Because of the distance, it is not necessary to go personally to the factory every time, so we will use the reviews of the clients to judge the merits of a factory. First, you can use Google and other search engines to search for reviews of the factory, and then go to the factory’s website to see, and decide if the factory is a good one. Then you can also look at the previous customers evaluations, we can ask references from customers and so on.
lossom Furnishings
  1. Decide which plant is a match

If we feel that the size and production capacity of this plant match our needs well and communication with the responsible people is easy, we can make a trial order as a starting point and then continue to buy.

  1. Quality inspection or certificates, videos, pictures.

The manufacturer can provide their customers some product certificates, or quality testing systems, and sometimes their own laboratory will do some interesting testing like load  bearing testing, they will provide some photos, tags, or more intuitive videos for  customers who are thousands of miles away, this will enhance customer trust, reduce customer travel costs and save communication time .

edding chair factory

The right tablecloth for the wedding table

Weddings or banquet tables will be equipped with appropriate tablecloths, which will come in several categories.

ablecloth for wedding chairs

According to the material, there are linen tablecloths, polyester, cotton, 100% polyester. Choose from more than 50 colors, and customers can choose their favorite ones from sample colors provided by the manufacturer.

What kind of chair and bench should match the wedding table?

A wedding table naturally can not be separated from the corresponding benches and chairs. There are various types of matching chairs, so what kind of chairs do you choose?

Chairs with regular tables

  • Bamboo chair
utdoor bamboo folding chairs
  • Folding chair
vent tables and chairs
  • 1942 folding chair
  • Bamboo folding tables
lack bamboo chair and table

Chairs with farm tables

  • Cross chair
arm tables for 10 seats
  • Bench.
vent tables and chairs

Chairs that match a stainless steel table

  • Stainless steel chairs in dozens of styles
tainless steel dining chairs

Chairs that match transparent tables

  • Transparent chairs (Bella ghost chair, transparent bamboo chair, etc.)
lear tables

How to transport and store banquet tables

About storage:

Companies store tables on shelves which prevents them from bumping into each other, ensuring that the quality of the tables is preserved during storage.

edding chairs

About transportation:

In transportation, almost all companies are equipped with table carts, which ensures time-saving and labor-saving transportation without bumping. There are many kinds of carts for transporting and handling banquet tables, there are carts dedicated to handling round tables, there are the ones for handling rectangular tables, etcedding chair transportation

How to link long tables together to form a longer table

Through specific gold accessory links, we link several or more tables together, with ribbons facing the lake or the sea, ensuring that each participant has a good view.

armhouse table connetct5


We hope that through these topics, we have helped you on how to choose the factory and buy wedding tables. Of course, we did not expand the details to describe, however if you have any relevant information to help, you can leave us a message, you are also welcomed to share this article on your social media. | Newsphere by AF themes.