July 19, 2024


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Best tips to keep your slim wallet safe

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Statistics indicate that pickpockets are familiar places are restaurants, bars, gas stations, grocery stores, public washrooms, and day-care centers. Numerically, over 400,000 pickpockets happen across the globe every day.

Pickpockets happen for various reasons, such as cash and credit cards. However, in recent times, the driving cause for pickpockets is identity theft; thus, the main target is shifting towards information such as citizenship details and income details. 

Several investigations conclude that pickpockets happen based on the type of bag/ wallet the person carries in a public place. The most common type of wallet targeted is the slim wallet.



Slim wallets come in various sizes and with different features; few have the option to hold the money, while few have slots only for cards. Thus, fixing the need will be easy to choose a wallet accordingly. This prevents the need for additional wallets and thus precludes the attention of thieves.


Wallets can easily slip from bags and pockets, which make pickpocketing easier; loose slots can make money slip out as well. Thus, the slim wallet should have features such as:

  • Sturdy slots, 
  • Sophisticated anti-slip material, 
  • Hidden spaces, money clippers, 
  • Perfect-sized slots that hold the cards from being rattled, 
  • An anti-theft mechanism such as zipper and/or buttons, 
  • Separate spaces for every need,
  • Fits the universal size of pockets.


  • Slimmer wallets help keep the wallet contents together tightly by preventing the issues of slipping; the slimming process can be done through two methods.
  • Wallets can be separated based on the separation methods, namely, the daily requirement and the sensitive/ private information. 

The everyday essentials can be chosen based on the daily commuting method; if the public transportation method is being opted, then some cash, a maximum of one credit card, the day’s ticket, and some spare change. 

  • If private transportation is being opted for, the driver’s license can be added to the list. Discarding old and expired tickets and receipts will de-clutter the wallet more. 

The information such as citizenship cards, additional credit cards, business cards, membership cards, discount cards, gift cards, and notes with passwords can be added to the wallet only when there is a necessity. 

Avoiding signed blank checks, spare house keys, birth certificates, checkbooks, passports, and visas, in general, will be a safer plan.

  • Jurisdictions across the globe are working towards making digital currency and digital information valid. If the jurisdiction approves digitized information, the wallet can be made slimmer by removing the cards and other information. Thus, the wallet will have only the day’s requirements or less.
  • Thus, the de-cluttering process keeps the wallet slimmer to the extent that there will be no attention from thieves.


If the wallet is pickpocketed, the information can still be secured by quickly informing the relevant places.

– The FIR is necessary to move forward with blocking the card/ information at any place. Within 24 hours of the missing wallet, the FIR has to be lodged in the nearest police station where the list of missing contents, description of the purse, and the last seen area are to be mentioned.

– The FIR copy has to be produced to the nearest bank branch; this will facilitate quick blocking/ closure of the accounts before any significant incidents such as identity theft, unauthorized credit card spending, etc.

– Upon informing the government agencies regarding the theft, along with the FIR, a new copy of the license and other government identity cards will be issued.


Slimming the wallets is one of the efficient ways to prevent pickpockets. The efficient methods include digitalization of information, using digital cash, and carrying only the required contents.

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