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Best Travel Accessories Of All Time

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Are you looking to better your travel game here in 2021? 

Sure, travel has faced many restrictions within this past year. But, this doesn’t mean that we can’t prepare ourselves for travel in the future. In addition to planning your itinerary and packing your bags, it’s time to ensure that you have all the best travel accessories for your next trip. 

To help, we’re sharing our go-to list of the best travel accessories of the year. From Wi-Fi hotspots and travel adapters to UV blocking clothes and packing cubes, we’re shining a light on today’s best travel accessories. Not only will these accessories ensure that you travel smarter, but it will also help to make your trips more safe and enjoyable. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Wi-Fi Hotspot

Are you worried about your access to the internet throughout your travels? 

If you’re traveling to a remote country or you’re staying off-the-grid, staying connected to the outside world may not be an option. In these moments, having a portable hotspot will allow you the opportunity to remain connected. With this, you can easily connect your phone or your computer to the hotspot. 

Just like that, you’ll have access to the internet and stay connected from anywhere! 

2. Travel Wipes

In this day and age, cleaning our surroundings and protecting ourselves is top of mind. 

Travel wipes make it easy to wipe nearby surfaces and to periodically clean your belongings. Whether it’s your phone or your wallet, it’s safe to say that these items are picking up a number of germs on a daily basis. With these wipes, you can feel good knowing that you’re doing your best to protect yourself and fend off illness. 

3. Document Organizer 

Short and simple, it’s crucial to keep your travel documents neat and organized throughout your trip. 

Whether it’s your passport or your hotel confirmations, storing these documents in a safe and dedicated place is key. With this, you’ll know exactly where to store any loose documents and you’ll make certain that everything is contained in one place. 

In choosing a document organizer, it’s best to opt for one that is water-resistant and with a dedicated closure. For example, a zipper closure will help to keep your documents safe and contained. 

4. Travel Towel 

In certain areas of the world, not all hotels will provide you with the towels and linens that you require.

Instead, you may be required to pay a fee to use these items on a daily basis. In these moments, having your own travel towel will be incredibly convenient and save you money in the long run. 

Most travel towels are made of microfibre and are incredibly fast-drying. They’re also compact, soft and simple to tuck away and fold within your luggage. 

5. Slim Water Bottle 

Let’s face it, we all know how exhausting travel can be. 

Whether it’s a long flight or a tedious drive, you’re want to want to ensure that you’re equipped with water. A reusable slim water bottle can fit in nearly any compact bag or suitcase and won’t weigh you down. 

With this, you’ll be certain to hydrate yourself with the recommended 2 liters of water even on your busiest travel days. 

6. UV Blocking Clothes 

Are you looking for travel-friendly clothing to keep you cool and protected from the sun? 

While there’s no denying the lure of sunkissed skin, the sun can have adverse effects on our skin. Not only can the sun cause long-term damage to ourselves and our skin, but it also causes premature aging. In fact, 90% of skin aging is said to be caused by the sun. 

To best protect ourselves and our skin, it’s important to take our suncare regime seriously. In addition to sunscreen, you’re also going to want to invest in UV blocking clothes. Stylish and cool, these clothes will protect you from the sun and prevent harmful rays from damaging your skin. 

7. Travel Adapter 

If you’re traveling with any form of technology, you’ll want to equip yourself with a travel adapter. 

This will ensure that you can remain connected regardless of where you travel. Most modern-day travel adapters will provide you with all of the possible outlets that you could require. Some will also contain USB ports that will allow you to charge more than one device at a time. 

8. Day Pack 

How do you plan to carry the essentials once you’ve arrived at your destination?

A day pack is a simple way to carry anything from a change of clothes and a camera to travel documents and a water bottle during the day. 

From the outside, you’ll want your bag to blend in and refrain from targeting you as a tourist. From the interior, you’re going to want to look for a bag that has a number of pockets and a dedicated closure. For example, a bag with a zipper closure would be more secure than one with a buckle or drawstring closure. 

9. Earplugs 

Whether you’re staying at a hostel or you’ve found yourself on a rowdy night-train, a pair of earplugs just might become your new best friend. With this, you can ensure that you can catch some shut-eye nearly anywhere that you find yourself.

Fortunately, earplugs are compact and essentially weightless. This makes packing and storing them in your day bag simple and stress-free. 

10. Packing Cubes 

When it comes to packing your belongings, packing cubes are truly the best way to organize your luggage. 

These cubes make it simple to divide your belongings and create structure within your luggage container. These cubes can be used to separate clean clothes from dirty clothes and formal clothes from informal clothes. 

With this, you can look forward to locating those hard-to-find items within your luggage and remaining stress-free throughout your trip! When it comes to long-term trips, these packing cubes are sure to be a life-saver. 

Our Must-Have Travel Accessories 

If you’re gearing up for your next vacation, it’s officially time to ensure that you’re packing all the right things. 

In addition to your travel-friendly clothing and toiletries, you’re also going to want to gather your go-to travel accessories. These accessories will make anything from your plane-ride to your hotel-stays all the more enjoyable. While keeping you safe and organized, these travel accessories are sure to make your travels all the more stress-free. 

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