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Chamomile Herb – An Effective Herbal Treatment For Insomnia

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Where Is It Found?
Chamomile is herb which belongs to the daisy family. From centuries, it has been extensively used for making herbal tea. Its flower is known for its medical effects and help cure quiet a number of health issues. Chamomile oil is also extensively used because of its anti-microbial properties. It is grown mostly in various parts of Europe and also been extensively found in Asia. As more and more people are getting to know about health benefits of this herb, it has also now been planted in large quantities in US and Australia. It is mostly available in the form of dried flowers or as packaged tea.

Benefits For Insomnia
Insomnia, type of sleep disorders is rapidly increasing in today’s society. Adults and teenagers have increasingly become victim of various sleep issues and have difficulty in sleeping. On an average, more than 15 percent of America’s population suffers from insomnia. The increasing pressure of work and untimely lifestyle, have given a negative impact on human’s sleep mechanism. The continued loss of sleep results in physical and mental problems. Chamomile tea is one herbal medicine that can help you overcome insomnia and stress. It helps to induce sleep and also it relieves stress, which hampers your sleep. Chamomile can be found on iHerb in edible form. You can get chamomile advantages with special price by using iherb code

Other Health Benefits
Not limited to insomnia, Chamomile tea is very beneficial in the following health problems too:

  • Anxiety and mood disorders
  • Muscle spasms
  • Burns
  • Skin treatment
  • Stomach pain

The herb is a home remedy for various health issues. The anti-spasmodic property of this flower helps in the treatment of nervous issues. It also has relaxation property which helps to fight against muscle disorder. The herbal tea is considered best for person suffering with insomnia. Its anti-inflammatory property makes it one of the best treatments to provide necessary ailment upon any bowel disease. Pregnant women also can benefit from the use of chamomile tea. They can take a cup of tea before bedtime to help prevent morning sickness.

As A Stomach Pain And PMS Reliever
Chamomile is also very beneficial in reliving stomach pain. It has also been well known as the anti-gas herbal medicine. It not only helps in treating the stomach pain but also it improvises the tetchy bowel syndrome. It also promotes good digestion of food. If you are a chronic victim of indigestion, then it is advised that you can take a cup of this herbal tea before going to bed. Within few days, you will be able to see the positive results. It also helps in the PMS by relaxation of the cramping muscles. This majorly contributes to the elimination of two problems; cramps and petulance.

As A Beauty Treatment
Chamomile also is also extensively used as a beauty treatment. Skin lightness and dark circles are common skin issues which can be treated by use of tea. Its uses are many but with researches, it has been found out its best use to treat insomnia and other kind of sleep disorders. It is available in many different forms in the market. The most common preferred form is the tea. Its aromatic and sedative property has made it an outstanding herbal remedy.

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