May 18, 2024


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Fashionable Footwear: How to Style Sneakers

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Did you know that the average American owns 19 pairs of shoes?

In today’s day and age, sneakers are no longer limited to the gym. As a result, we’re now officially welcoming sneakers into the fashionable footwear category. Whether it’s for dinner at a trendy restaurant or to wear at work, sneakers have become a staple in the modern-day wardrobe. 

If you’re investing in fashionable footwear, it’s time to ensure that you’re wearing your kicks correctly. To help up the ante on your sneaker game, we’re sharing four of the best ways to style those sneakers and feel good doing it.  

1. Choose the Right Socks 

First things first, let’s start with the socks. 

If your socks look frumpy and uncoordinated, you can bet that your sneakers will too. In most cases, your sneakers are going to look their best when your socks aren’t the stars of the show.

This is where sporting any type of no-show sock is going to come into play. If your sneakers don’t allow you to go sockless, opt for an ankle sock or a low-cut sock. 

2. Opt for Monochrome

Do you really want your sneakers to pop today? 

If so, it’s time to embrace a monochrome outfit selection. This is an outfit that’s comprised almost entirely of one solid color. Whether it’s white, black or anything in between, going monochrome will allow your sneakers to shine. 

If you catch yourself wondering what looks good with sneakers, try going for a monochrome look! It’s safe to say you won’t look back. 

3. Find the Right Pants

Let’s face it, a good pair of pants can seriously make or break your sneaker game. 

Generally speaking, you’ll want to avoid a pant that is overly baggy or lose-fitting. This will take away from the appearance of your sneakers and, instead, draw attention to the bottom of your pants. If you’re sporting those Jordan 13s, you’re going to want people to see them! 

To show off your sneakers, it’s best to opt for a cropped trouser -you can also achieve this cropped look by rolling up your pant leg. This will provides your shoes a much-deserved moment in the spotlight throughout your day. Go on, let those sneakers shine! 

4. Go Formal 

These days, many workplaces are loosening their wardrobe restrictions.

In fact, only 49% of today’s workplaces have a strict wardrobe or uniform requirement. As work-from-home orders and more casual workplace restrictions become more common, the need to dress formally for work is losing steam. 

For sneaker lovers everywhere, this is reason enough to celebrate! The good news is that encouraging your sneakers to appear formal and even professional is simple. 

All you have to do is pair your go-to sneakers with a few formalwear staples. This could be anything from a blazer and a pencil skirt to a button-down and trousers. Just like that, you’re nailing that balance between formal and stylish. 

The Art of Styling Fashionable Footwear 

Let’s face it, learning how to style fashionable footwear isn’t always easy. 

If you’re looking to up your footwear game, allow this guide to inspire you. From decking yourself out with the right socks to choosing the best pant, these tips and tricks are sure to make your kicks look all the more fresh. 

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