November 30, 2023


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How Dinosaurs are Making the Milan Fashion Show More Distinctive

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Milan Fashion Week is a fashion show that takes place twice a year in beautiful Milan, Italy. The spring/summer event takes place in September/October each year and the autumn/winter event is held in February/March each year. 

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Unfortunately, in 2020, Milan Fashion Week was canceled thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, it returns this year, and it’s expected to be better and more distinctive than ever. One thing that’s making the Milan Fashion Week stand out is the introduction of dinosaurs. Keep reading below to find out more:

Why Are Animatronic Dinosaurs Being Used at Milan Fashion Week?

For many years now, Milan Fashion Week has been trying to stand out from the other Fashion Weeks that take place throughout the year. But this isn’t the only reason that dinosaurs are being included at the Milan Fashion Week. The main reason animatronic dinosaurs are being used this year is that there is a Jurassic Park Themed collection at Milan for GCDS wear. 

Who Are GCDS?

GCDS is a fashion brand that has been popular for several years now. They are well known for using ironic graphics and bold slogans on their clothing. This year, at Milan Fashion Week, GCDS clothing has gone all out to make sure they stand out from the competition by creating a Jurassic Park Themed selection of clothes. 

The Jurassic Park Themed Collection at Milan Fashion Week

There’s a huge selection of Jurassic Park-themed clothes on show at Milan Fashion Week this year. This includes logo crop-tops, ranger hats, t-shirts, and knee-high neon boots. Not only that but there’s also a selection of army-green shorts and sweatshirts that look like they have been attacked by dinosaurs on show too. 

Where Can You See the Dinosaurs at Milan Fashion Week?

The room used for Milan Fashion week has been transformed into an authentic film set. There is a giant t-rex dinosaur located in the room, which will roar at guests as they enter. Not only that but there is also a large pink animatronic dinosaur located on the runway too. This dinosaur will certainly impress guests as it flicks its tail at them. 

Why Dinosaurs are Making the Milan Fashion Show More Distinctive

Every year, we see different clothing brands trying to make a name for themselves and stand out from the competition at Milan Fashion Week. However, often brands struggle to do this. This year, the clothing brand GCDS wanted to make sure it was noticed. In order to do this, they’ve introduced animatronic dinosaurs into the room. While this may seem like a strange thing to do, it’s certainly got everyone talking. Not only that but it’s also made the 2021 Milan Fashion Week stand out from all previous fashion weeks too. 

Milan Fashion Week has been running for many years now. In fact, it was first introduced in 1958 as part of the extremely popular “big four fashion weeks”, the others being London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. However, it has changed a lot since its introduction over 60 years ago. The Milan Fashion Week is now much more interesting and distinctive than it’s ever been before. | Newsphere by AF themes.