May 25, 2024


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How to Create A Sophisticated Touch Using Simple Lighting Options?

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Dynamic shapes of lighting fixtures with clean lines and sharp edges create a new and pretty touch to your home. Straight lines, cone shapes, spheres, orbs, are some of the geometric shapes that can beautifully refine your lighting style. 

Let us know how lighting system can impart a perfect accent in a contemporary or traditional setting.

Evolution of Chandeliers

Chandeliers were very expensive when they were introduced in the market. Only the affluent people used to use them in their homes. In the 14th century, the first “chandelier” got created. It was a raw wooden cross that had spikes at its end to spike a candle. 

Sofary is a leading place to buy a beautiful and affordable chandelier. The platform categorizes lighting fixtures based on: 

By Rooms

  • Bed Room 
  • Bath Room
  • Dining and Kitchen
  • Hallway
  • Living Room
  • Staircase

By Type

  • Accessories 
  • Ceiling Lights 
  • Pendant Lights
  • Best Sellers 


  • Black
  • Brass
  • Brown
  • Chrome
  • Clear
  • Colorful
  • Silver, and
  • White

This was the beginning of the evolution of chandeliers. It used complicated pattern of cut glass that were suspended from expanding architecture of steel and bronze to the light decorative castles at the bedrooms, dining halls, and entrances. 

Soon after, they became a status symbol among the wealthy landowners to not just lighten their place, but also as the topic of conversation at parties and events. Looking at the present condition, chandeliers come in conventional styles to the contemporary and eclectic designs. They are used in dining rooms, foyer, bathroom, bedroom, or walk-in closets. 

You can also get them in several sizes, and can easily install them at any location. The new LED designs abstains you from the need to replace the bulb regularly.

Ways to Get Rid of Disturbing Shadows in The Kitchen

The root cause for this problem is when the island is longer compared to the span of light that comes from the fixture. In such a scenario, you need to replace the existing lighting fixture with numerous pendants or add any extra fixtures in the form of recessed cans to throw light to the edges of the island.

Ways to Illuminate A Niche Area

Niche areas include kitchen, bathroom, etc. To lighten these areas, you need to ensure adequate illumination to cast shadows at the corners and areas that are far from the countertop. Sconces, puck lights, and portable lamps could be the ideal lighting accessories to accomplish the job. 

How to Use Chandelier in The Best Way?

  • When choosing the chandelier size, choose one that is twelve inches smaller than the minimum dimension of your dining table.
  • The right way to hang the chandelier is at a height of approx. 30″ above the tabletop in the 8′ ceiling. It should hang approx. 32″ over the dining table. 
  • Choose the one with metal finishes that complements the overall style of the room. This includes polished silver, brass, glass, crystal, wood, or gold. 
  • A dimmer function helps modify the mood of the room.


Since the time of its invention, chandeliers have always been highly regarded. A perfectly designed and placed chandelier will help you achieve the best impact provided that you install it correctly. | Newsphere by AF themes.