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How to wear pastel colors - Street style Ideas

This summer pastels are back in trend, and it has taken the fashion industry by a storm. Regardless of the fast fashion trends, pastel color outfits are some essential wardrobe items. These soft colors are ideal for the summer and spring seasons, and with the appropriate fashion tips, you can even wear them for winters.

The best part of these colors is that they never go out of style and are versatile. Both men and women can incorporate pastel hues in their outfits to make their fits look trendier. If you are confused about how to add pastels colors to your outfits, then this guide is for you. Read below to find out some helpful fashion tips.

  1. Pastel Floral Days

Pastel-colored floral dresses are the safest clothing option for a summer day out. They are the key to sophisticated and vogue outfits. The soothing pastel colors match well with the summer theme and are easy on the eyes.

Women can choose to wear any of the pastel color floral outfits, of any fashion style, for instance, puff sleeves, short slit, strapless, etc. While men can also opt to wear pastel color shirts or pastel floral print shirts with dark khaki pants. Both of them can add silver chains and rings to accessorize the outfit.

  1. Color Blocking

Color blocking is the simplest and fashionable way to incorporate different hues in your outfit. You can color block soft pastel hues with dark contrasting or similar darker shades to create a theme. For instance, pair up a pastel dress with a cardigan of a darker hue of the dress or a pastel jumper/hoodie with black or brown pants.

To spice up the look, you can add plain converse or chunky sneakers. Look through your cupboard and come up with creative pastel color-blocking outfits to show off your impeccable fashion style.

  1. Neutral Tones

Pairing up any pastel color, for example, yellow, lilac, pink, blue, green, etc- with white or beige is the safest and basic fashion tip. Pastel colors complement neutral tones particularly well, and this combination is readily available in anyone’s wardrobe.

It is also a great option if you want to balance the look between minimalistic and bold. The addition of neutral hues to pastel outfits makes the outfit pop. Try this safe color palette combination when you are running out of options.

  1. Classic Monochrome Look

A monochromatic look will always be a classic fashion trend. It has been popular since the late ’60s, and the popularity continues even in the current time. Fortunately, the same trend goes exceptionally well with pastels too.

Wear a pastel color set or opt for a matching pastel shirt/top and pants/skirts for an elegant monochromatic look. You can also add similar colored accessories like a bag, shoes, earrings, chains, rings, sunglasses, etc- to give your outfit a trendy twist. Furthermore, this styling tip is suitable for people who want a soft minimalistic look for the day.

  1. Shades of Pastel

In the above section, you read about color blocking with dark hues. Now, what if you pair up different shades of pastels together?- the result is a stunning fashionable outfit. Some shades of pastels that go well together are-

  1. Purple and pink
  1. Yellow and blue
  1. Purple and yellow
  1. Green and blue
  1. Red and pink

d. Blue and green

All of these combinations work well for any kind of outfit and any type of occasion. Additionally, you can also add statement accessory pieces to make your dress look edgy.

  1. Ethnic Clothes

With back-to-back festivals right around the corner, everyone is in a rush to find the perfect ethnic outfit for the auspicious occasion. What better way to celebrate the day with soft hues and elegant prints?

Choose from a broad range of pastel color kurtas, dupattas, palazzos, sarees, and other ethnic wear for this festive season.

There are plenty of options available online and offline for you to select and buy. Accessorizing by wearing statement jewelry pieces and sandals will enhance your ethnic look. You can also paint your nails the same color or carry a bag complementing your overall ethnic look.

  1. Pastel Tailoring

Suits and blazers are crucial wardrobe items for a clean fashion look. In the earlier days, these clothing items were generally made for men. However, due to their increasing popularity, these clothing pieces have become favorable among women too. The shift in formal dressing has lead to starting many trends, and pastel suits are one of them.

It’s better late than never to buy a pastel suit or a pastel blazer to make your formal clothing look trendy yet classy. These are some staple pieces that can be styled in multiple ways to change your fashion game.

  1. Accessories

By now, you should have learned that accessories can either make or break your outfit. If you are new and unsure how to introduce pastels to your fashion fits- the easiest way is to start small, which means- start wearing pastel-themed accessories.

They will subtly add pastel undertones to your outfit, making it look beautiful and fashionable.

Some options for pastel accessories are- handbags, wallets, scarfs, belts, chains, earrings, rings, sunglasses, footwear, headbands, etc. Don’t shy away from trying funky pastel color combinations. Make a fashion statement by pairing your vibrant pastel accessories with your outfit.

Bottom Line

Pastel color trend is the safest trend to get behind at. These soft, playful, and vibrant colors complement almost every print- for example, geometric, abstract, floral, checkered, and so on. With enough creativity- these colors can be styled in numerous unique ways to show off your fashionable dressing sense.

In this guide, you read about beneficial fashion tips to hopefully help you wear pastels in your everyday outfits. Browse through pastel-colored clothes and statement accessories to give your wardrobe a 360 makeover. Start this new fashion season with stunning pastel outfits and leave everyone in awe of you. Happy shopping!

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