May 28, 2024


The Fashion Inside

North Korea cracks down on ‘capitalist’ fashion trends: bans dyed hair, skinny jeans

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North Korean chief Kim Jong Un is growing his anti-Western sentiments to involve banning these types of fashion goods as tight jeans, piercings, and unnaturally colored hair, according to a recent news report.

Radio No cost Asia reports that the North’s Socialist Patriot Youth League is particularly concentrating on girls in their 20s and 30s who dress in outfits designed with huge foreign letters and/or put on their hair long or dyed. 

An unnamed North Korean resident told the U.S. federal government-funded information outlet the rogue North Korean federal government is also targeting women sporting curve-hugging pants.

People who are observed donning kinds outdoor that are recognized as conveying a “capitalist aptitude” will reportedly be taken to the Youth League business, where they will be created to confess their misdeeds in creating. They will be released after an individual delivers them apparel considered additional appropriate.

According to the anonymous source cited by Radio Totally free Asia, the new regulations were being introduced last month when Youth League officials said that modeling one’s appearance right after those people in capitalist nations violates the socialist practices of the North. 

Younger gentlemen and women caught sporting overseas fashions the condition has banned will have their businesses notified, and in serious situations, have their identify, home handle, and office revealed publicly through federal government-controlled propaganda retailers. | Newsphere by AF themes.