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Senior Certification of CISM International registered Information Security Manager

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CISM (Certification Authority: ISACA) is unique in the market of information security certification, because it is designed for experienced personnel in the area of project management in information security.

Since 2002, more than 33,000 management elites have obtained CISM, including more than 600 Chief Executive Officers, more than 2,000 Chief Information Officers, more than 8,000 security directors or security managers, and 2,000 consultants.

CISM is different from other information security certifications, because it requires members to focus on the implementation of information security manager management. Other information security certification focuses on specific technology, operation platform or product information, or the initial work of information security work. Only CISM aims at information security managers, and its focus is no longer the individual technology or skills, but the information security management of the whole enterprise. CISM is aimed at individual managers who manage and supervise the information security of enterprises. Many of them may have held relevant certification in other fields. Because it focuses on the needs of management, work experience is relatively important. Therefore, CISM requires at least five years of related experience in information security management, and the content of the examination also focuses on the daily work of information security managers.

What are the advantages of CISM certification

1. Because most candidates desire to be one of the elite group. Being a CISM can take you into a position, and IT professionals want to be a part of it. Not all IT professionals are qualified for this occupation, so certification is the biggest recognition.

2. As a part of CISM, you will be considered as an information security expert with sufficient information security project experience. With this, you will be valued by more people.

3. As a CISM, you will benefit from three important benefits: creating value for the enterprise, continuing education and developing your own career.

4. As a expert in this field, you can demonstrate your understanding of the relationship between business goals and information security plans. In addition, you will be able to reconcile and drive business success.

Value of CISM Certification:

1. Common standards developed by Global Top 500 enterprises jointly

2. One of the highest average payment of IT(spoto) occupation

3. The best way from security technology to security management

More than 32000 people have obtained CISM Certification in the world

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