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The importance of Flowers in Our Daily Life

Family flower arrangement has great flexibility and strong personality, showing different decorative effects as the space changes. The table flowers and coffee table in the living room pay attention to the feeling of joy and clarity, while the flowers in the study are exquisite, elegant and quiet. 

The arrangement of flowers and Envio de flores in the bedroom is more desirable than warm and cheerful, while other places, such as pianos or refrigerators, are more decorative and interesting.Lily has become one of the best-selling flowers on the market due to its rich and abundant flower types, elegant and tranquil colors. Prepare an open glass vase, put a large bunch of lilies, and decorate some slender green leaves, so that the lilies are scattered naturally, forming a corolla, set off on the green leaves, fresh and elegant. Such a vase is placed on the corner of the sofa in the living room, which makes people feel bright at the moment. If you have a round shallow bowl-shaped container at home, put some water in the bowl. The water can also be decorated with trinkets. Then find some branches and randomly place them on the container. Pass Lily’s branches through the space between them. Gap branches and insert them into the water. Such a fresh and elegant flower arrangement does not need to spend a lot of time, but the production process is full of fun and can show the owner’s unique creativity. Put it on the coffee table and enjoy it carefully.

In fact, there are many details in the house that are most easily overlooked, and the details often vividly reflect the personality and life attitude of the owner. Choose slender glass vases or ceramic vases, insert carefully decorated lilies, and then set off with slender green leaves. Put them on the refrigerator or piano, which can reflect the owner’s simple and elegant personality. Or, use a geometrically open shallow-bottomed glass container to hold water and wear a few blooming lilies. Now the exquisite and elegant lifestyle is leisurely. If you swim with one or two small goldfish in the water, you can increase the interest of life.

Flower arrangement can reflect individuality, such as the use of slender open glass flowers, beautiful dragon glaze overgrown with lilies, and hard foil soft buds to show the owner’s calm and introverted character. In fact, in any case, creativity is inspired by life’s discoveries. Realizing your own ideas at home combined with personalized content may produce unexpected results.

“Flowers” are not the only ones that can be useful in “flower education” initiatives. Touching the soil, watching over the growth, and making use of the harvested products in our daily lives all lead to “flower education.” Thinking this way, “flower education” can be rephrased as “planting”.

Whether it’s beautiful or sober and unobtrusive, if you grow a plant, it will bloom someday. And soon it will bear fruit. If it is a vegetable or fruit, “flower education” directly leads to “food education”.It is wonderful because one stone that grows flowers and greens spreads to two and three birds. Even better, this “flower education” is not limited to children. “Horticultural therapy,” which rehabilitates the mind and body by tinkering with soil and growing plants, has already demonstrated its effectiveness as a precedent.

Opportunity to get familiar with flowers and greenery at home:

In “Flower Education” advocated by flower producers and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, there is a model diagram such as “Providing opportunities to get close to flowers and greenery ⇒ Communication between regions and generations”, but first of all, “Home” which is the smallest community Isn’t it possible to start with?In the past, there was something like “growing plants” in the curriculum, but with a limited curriculum, you won’t be able to spend so much time. Activities in the local community also require leaders and leaders such as “* Flower Education Advisors”.Also, this is my personal opinion, but since it is “flower education” that you can truly feel “it is fun to touch flowers and greenery”, “I am happy that beautiful flowers are blooming”, and “I am looking forward to harvesting”. I don’t think “flower education” should be an “obligation”.

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