May 25, 2024


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Waxing vs Plucking Facial Hair: Which Is Best?

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The era we’re living in has come up with tons of new ways to get rid of facial organic hair salon gold coast. You’ve got waxing, threading, tweezing, laser, and more! However, people are more used to the classic kinds of methods: waxing and plucking. 

Both waxing and plucking get the job done. Yet, they’re both different methods, which means they each have their benefits as well as downsides. Let’s enter the debate of waxing vs plucking to see which method is most suitable for you. 

Plucking: Pros

Plucking is the oldest hair removal method in the book. It involves using tweezers to pluck out strands of hair one by one. Just because it’s the most classic method out there, though, doesn’t mean it’s any less good.

For starters, plucking can be done by anyone on anyone. You don’t usually have to worry about developing any skin issues after plucking, and even if you are taking strong medication that affects your skin, plucking won’t jeopardize it.

Plucking also gives you great control over the hairs you want to remove. You can accurately choose the hairs that bother you the most and tweeze them off easily. 

Plucking: Cons

Despite how useful and easy plucking can be, it does have its cons. For example, if you want to remove several hairs in one area, it will take you twice as long as you’re removing them one by one. 

Another downside is that even though plucking is great to remove those dark, thick hairs peeking out, removing any facial “peach fuzz” will be almost impossible. Plucking doesn’t give you enough control when it comes to removing smaller hairs. So, plucking facial hair isn’t an easy task.

Waxing: Pros

Unlike plucking, waxing can remove many hairs at once—even the smallest “peach fuzz!” Removing them in one go saves you loads of time. Also, facial waxing gives you that clean look. 

Plus, waxing encourages thinner hair growth, and results can last from 6 to 10 weeks, unlike plucking, which will only give you results for about 3 weeks. Waxing is also affordable and can be found anywhere. You can always purchase a waxing starter kit in order to have all the tools you need.

Waxing: Cons

Waxing, however, is a little more aggressive than plucking and can be harsh on the skin. People with sensitive skin or that have any other skin conditions might suffer inflammation or irritation after waxing. Also, it doesn’t give you that full control that plucking does. Yes, waxing does remove all hairs, but if you don’t apply it correctly, you might end up removing hair you didn’t mean to.

Waxing vs Plucking—Which Do You Prefer?

The waxing vs plucking debate can be an endless one, and it’s best to conclude that both are great hair removal methods. It just all depends on the results you want and what you’re most comfortable with!

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