Do you have a desire to get inked? It is okay to get a tattoo. It has been often noticed that people are prepared with a piece of exotic art to get it inked on their body, but they are confused about the place they should choose for getting the tattoo. For the best outcomes, get services from a reliable tattoo shop San Diego.

The placement of a tattoo is a serious matter, especially on such a sensitive surface – your skin. Further, you are considering the placement of a tattoo, you have to focus on its aesthetics, how much pain you can tolerate, and how much of the tattoo you would want to be seen.

Here is a brief guide on how to choose the perfect place for your tattoo.

  • Using aesthetics

To make sure that your tattoo is visualized better, consider your body as an amalgamation of several pieces of canvases. For example, the top of the knee, the top of the elbow in the arm section, the bottom of the neck, below the buttocks can all be considered different canvases. Use the large sections of your body for placing larger tattoos while the smaller areas for small designs.

Also, the location of the tattoo depends on its shape. So, deciding on the tattoo design should be the priority. For example, a thin and long tattoo will look good on the spine, while a broad and well-spread tattoo will suit the back or arms. Do not draw a small tattoo on a large portion of your body. It is sure not to get noticed.

  • Choosing practical placement 

If you want the tattoo of your body to be easily seen and noticed by all, get it done on the front portion of your body. This varies from person to person. While some may like everyone to notice his tattoo, some others like to keep it hidden. If you want your tattoo to be seen easily, place it somewhere where people can notice it easily, like belly, arms, legs, or neck.

Some people prefer to keep the tattoo when out for a formal meeting while revealing it in an informal setting.  Therefore, choose the location of the tattoo wisely. For some fun, try a peekaboo tattoo. These are the locations that are generally not noticed on the first chance. But if you go closer to a person, you can surely notice them. Get the best outcomes of the best tattoo shop San Diego.

  • Pain tolerance level

If you are a person who cannot tolerate pain at all, aim for meatier and fleshy areas so that you feel less pain. One of the best choices would be the forearm. You can also try places like thighs, biceps, etc.

Again, if you can tolerate mid-level pain, the best places for getting inked would be the wrists, thighs, and biceps. Furthermore, to decrease pain, avoid bony and hard areas. These areas are sure to hurt because you do not have much flesh here, and the needle will hit directly on the bone.


So, before you get a tattoo done, do not forget to consult with a professional and efficient tattoo artist about the tattoo’s design and placement.