June 23, 2024


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Who Uses Linux?

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Linux is an operating system (OS), or a type of software that links the user to the computer hardware. You will find operating systems on devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, embedded systems, mainframes, and more. It is used for various reasons including running applications, storing files, managing hardware systems, and providing a user interface. Some common operating systems that you may have heard of along with Linux include Windows, macOS, and iOS. 

How Popular is Linux?

Despite there not being very many laptops for Linux in comparison to those available for other operating systems, Linux is actually one of the most popular operating systems around the world, with several advantages that help it stand out from the crowd. New users find Linux is easy to use while those who are more experienced can experiment a lot with it thanks to the fact that the software is open-source. 

What is Linux Used For?

Linux can be used in many different settings including scientific computing, databases, mobile devices, desktops, network operations, and more. It is known for being one of the most secure operating systems and some of its most popular uses include:


Linux is a popular choice for those who need a secure OS. When using Linux, each user is protected by other users, and everybody needs a unique password and user ID for access. It is easily modifiable and customizable, and explicit permission is required in order to access the system. Some distributions, such as Redhat and Ubuntu, are designed to shield the user from hacking. When a virus infects a Linux system, it is only able to affect one user account, which makes it easy to identify and deal with. 


Linux is an operating system with thousands of games that are available to download or buy. Since a high-end build is not necessary for performance, many game developers save money by using Linux for game development. And, many users prefer this OS for gaming because it is customizable, allowing them to easily change the setups to their liking. 

Software Development

Since Linux is both fast and versatile, it is excellent for software development. It features a range of tools for open source software development that make it easier to develop new software, including interpreters, compilers, and code editors for various programming languages. 


Since Linux is so easy to customize, it is an excellent choice for telecommunications. Operators will often use this OS to increase the access and distribution of transmissions. Some of the main advantages of Linux for telecommunications include lower costs, security, licensing terms, and higher performance along with high reliability. 

Companies That Use Linux

You may be surprised to hear some big household names and perhaps some of your favourite companies use Linux, including Dell, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, NASA, Samsung, and more. 

If you’re interested in Linux, it’s worth considering using as a free operating system with free built-in applications. It is secure, prioritizing privacy, and is easy to use. 

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