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Why Do You Need a Reliable Waterproof Fanny Pack?

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Waterproof Fanny Pack – Keep Your Belongings Dry And Close

What’s that? Are fanny packs back in style? Who would’ve thought that the once polarizing and uncool pouch for the quintessential tourist could make a comeback? However, several solid arguments exist for the fanny pack – not just as a fashion statement. Before we let you in on this not-very well-kept secret, you should know that the resurgence of fanny packs means that many fashion companies will be jumping at the opportunity to sell them to you. However, you should look up these companies’ reviews on an online reviewing platform to ensure their legitimacy. For example, you could look up D’aniello boutique reviews. However, we will take the fanny pack argument further to give you reasons for getting a waterproof fanny pack for swimming.

But First, a Short History

The fanny pack as we know it today was invented in the late 1980s as a durable and functional pouch to carry small belongings. The strap allowed it to wrap around your waist neatly and securely. The functionality of the fanny pack was preferred by tourists who often needed a place to store essential items such as documents, sunscreen, and snacks while exploring a new country. However, the fanny pack became somewhat ridiculed due to its association with tourists. Fast forward to the late 2010s, and we see a rise in the popularity of fanny packs due to large fashion brands such as Supreme. The fanny pack then quickly became a staple of streetwear while remaining faithful to the original.

So Why Do You Need a Waterproof Fanny Pack?

Waterproof fanny packs can not only safely hold your essential valuables but can protect them from water damage while maintaining ease of access. In addition, they will not spoil the look of your outfit in the way a backpack, handbag, or suitcase can. Thus, when you partake in any water-based activity, such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, or even simply relaxing on an inflatable pool floater, you can store your valuables, such as your phone, without worrying about it getting wet. Furthermore, if you are at the beach and want to take a dip in the water, your items will be safely stored in your fanny pack instead of lying alone on the sand. Fanny packs can also come in handy for those long days at a water park. You don’t want to splash your car keys, cash, or credit cards. 

What type of Waterproof Fanny Pack Should You Get?

Well, you are spoiled for choice! Waterproof fanny packs come in various sizes, compartments, materials, and designs. While the size and design are totally up to your preferences, you should aim to find a fanny pack made of high-quality vinyl or polymer – something thoroughly water resistant. Polyester fanny packs are famous for their sleek looks but aren’t fully waterproof and can only protect their contents from minor splashes. Furthermore, you can get fanny packs made of neoprene, which is touchscreen friendly, meaning that you can use your phone underwater. Whichever you choose, your life will be made a lot more comfortable with a waterproof fanny pack.

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