No matter how tiring your days are, a sound sleep always refreshes you. Especially those women who work all day long look forward to an undisturbed night’s sleep. But, if your nightwear is not comfortable, this relaxation time of yours can be ruined. This is why silk nightwear for women has been the foremost choice of women since ever. 


Having its origin in the old Chinese civilization, silk has remained a fabric of royal people. Silk is a unique and delicate fabric that is used worldwide. It has remained a sign of luxury and uniqueness for centuries. Every great emperor or empress always preferred silk fabric for their attire. You might think that why has silk remained so popular for centuries?

Here are some reasons why silk has remained popular for centuries. They are extremely comfortable for nightwear; you will have a sound sleep. They are durable; silk sleepwear doesn’t fade out for years. Silk nightwear can be easily cared for; you just have to follow some simple tips to make your silk sleepwear last. 


You don’t have to avail some special laundry services or buy special things to take care of your silk sleepwear. Here are some easy tips and tricks to follow for taking care of your silk nightwear:

  • Use a mild detergent for washing your silk fabrics. 
  • Always hand washes your silk dresses; do not use a washing machine for this purpose. 
  • Don’t use hot water because hot water shrinks the threads of silk. 
  • Dry your silk sleepwear without a spinner and in a shady area.
  • Iron your dresses inside out. 


There is countless women’s silk sleepwear available in the market, but we have come up with the best ones to help you choose wisely. Let’s have a look at some of the finest silk sleepwear.


First on our list is this long silk nightgown and robe set for women. This silkwear stands out due to its dual nature; it has both a nightgown and a robe. Be it summer or winter, you can wear this sleepwear in all seasons. Enjoy your night’s sleep with this versatile sleepwear available in a variety of colors. 

The nightgown is a knee-lengthed gown with spaghetti straps and a V-shaped neck design. This design makes it extremely comfortable for sleep. 

With a nightgown, you have a cozy robe with an adjustable and loose silk belt. This robe’s sleeves are half in length and the front is open; both of these things make this robe easy to wear and carry.


Fabric: 100% Mulberry Silk

Style: Silk nightgown and robe set

Sleeves: Sleeveless nightgown, half sleeves robe

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Colors: White, Black, Navy blue, Champagne, Purple, Mehroon, and Claret


If you are a short pajama lover and like to walk in them, this is surely your thing. This silk pajama set is cozy, elegant, and easy to wear. This short pajama set is a two-piece dress with a shirt and trousers. 

The shirt of this dress has an open front and a V-shaped neck design which makes it easy-peasy to wear and carry. The sleeves are quarter in length and there is a side pocket at the front of this shirt. A fine white lining further enhances the look of this dress. 

The pajama of this set is short which makes it easy to roam around. The bottoms of the pajama are also lined with delicate white trimmings.


Fabrics: 100% Mulberry Silk

Styles: Two-piece silk shirt and short trousers

Sleeves: Quarter 

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 1X, 2X, 3X

Colors: Blue, Navy blue, Champagne, White, Black, Purple, Pink, Red, and Green

Front: Button closure


If you are a kimono lover, this is indeed your thing then. Silk kimonos are always modest, look classy, and are extremely comfortable. 

This silk kimono, which is pure silk nightwear, is available in many colors. Talking about the details, this silk kimono has a V-shaped neck area with an adjustable silk belt. Sleeves are 3/4th in length, which makes them suitable for both summer and winter seasons.  A delicate and decent floral printing embellishes the whole robe. 

Silk kimonos are not only suitable for sleepwear but are also a great gift idea. You can gift these kimonos to your female friends fearlessly.


Fabric: 100% Mulberry silk

Style: Kimono gown

Sleeves: 3/4th 

Colors: Navy blue, royal blue, sea green, black, purple, pink, white, and sky blue.

Print: Floral 


Silk has always been and will remain the best fabric for ladies’ silk nightwear. Choose the best silk nightwear and enjoy a peaceful sleep.