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2013 Wedding Dresses – The Top 5 Trends Brides Will Love

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2013 Wedding Dresses – The Top 5 Trends Brides Will Love

Is there a place for traditional styles of wedding gown in modern society? Or is it out with the old in with the new?

Many bridal designers in 2013 are designing gowns of a more functional, bolder nature and moving away from the traditional long trained bridal gown. Shapes of wedding dresses seem to be moving towards a more streamlined cut with even the longest trained gowns now offering more of a fitted shape to the body. Spring/Summer 2013 wedding dresses are now bolder, brighter and much sexier than ever seen before.

The reasons for this shift in wedding attire trends could be that more and more couples are opting for either destination weddings or more in-formal affairs. Wearing a massive princess style gown is very impractical and very stifling, especially in a warmer climate. So, which gown is the best for you?

Here are 5 of the hottest trends for the 2013 wedding dress:

Embroidered Lace Gown:

Lace embroidered dresses have been popular for an age, they are THE most traditional style of gown and were made even more popular in 2011 with the Royal Wedding, with many brides wanting to emulate the royal style. They remain at the top of fashion styles for weddings if you want to be a traditional bride and have an ageless quality.

Vintage Wedding Dress:

Many brides opt for vintage styling rather than actual vintage gowns… When buying a vintage dress this could mean either an old dress that has been passed down by a relative or close friend; or stored for many years and then put up for sale by a private re-seller or vintage shop. Or, a Vintage styled dress. These two types of Vintage gown are very different as a second hand or pre-owned gown may need work on it, depending on how it has been stored, or may need altering, as no woman is the same size or shape. The best option would be a Vintage inspired gown, there are many to choose from and many stores are offering vintage inspired gowns as they are feminine, easy to wear for most body shapes and have a timeless allure.

Bold Colored Gowns:

As with most areas of fashion, Wedding dresses follow the media, and many a pop star and film icon have been spotted in non-traditional gowns for their weddings, sporting very bold colors and sexier styles. Or maybe this is not your first wedding? Many bides who are not getting married for the first time choose other colors for their gowns as they have already worn the traditional style and color and want a complete change for their next wedding. A bold colored wedding dress is a very modern and very memorable statement to make.

Feathered Wedding Dress:

Feathers have been very hot on the catwalks for 2013 wedding attire and can be a massive statement for your special day. They are glamorous and unique, but can take a lot of confidence to pull off. The feathered dress is usually hand- made and as such can be quite expensive and hard to store… but, it’s your special day right? So why not choose something unique and hand-made for your special gown and if handled with care can be kept very beautiful. Not all brides can pull-off the feathered gown though and if you are of a larger size you should be careful of adding extra pounds with layers and layers of feathers. Petite brides should also be aware of not getting lost amongst them. But the right placement of the feathering can accentuate or detract from figure flaws so can be very stunning if done right.

Short and Sexy Wedding Dresses:

In recent years the shorter wedding dress has gained an ever increasing following, many brides are opting for a figure hugging dress and flaunting their figures in this sexy styled wedding gown. The short wedding dress suits any height bride and most body types and as such is one of the easiest types of wedding dresses to wear. They are also the most practical. Most brides have a large gown for the ceremony and another shorter one for the evening; why not just buy the shorter one? The short, sexy gown is practical, can be packed away more easily for the destination wedding and much easier to walk in making it a very high ranking contender for the 2013 popularity rankings.

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