June 23, 2024


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Blue Color Contact Lenses – Make A Difference With Baby Blue Colored Contacts

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If you’re one of the thousands who wear contact lenses and enjoy different looks, blue color contact lenses might be just what you’re looking for. Not only are they practical for use as normal contact lenses, but they also add a sense of style to the wearer’s appearance. And in today’s hyped-up world of “appearance is everything”, that can make a significant difference.

Of course, blue color contact lenses aren’t for everybody, just as contact lenses in general aren’t for everybody. But, if you do go with them, you can be sure that if nothing else, they will get you noticed.

One of the main reasons that more people are now going for baby blue colored contacts is the simple fact that blue eyes are constantly looked at as “the Holy Grail” of eye colors. Think about it — anytime someone is spoken off in an appreciative manner, it’s always along the lines of “a blue-eyed boy”. It stems from the age-old belief that blue eyes and blonde hair is the picture of wholesome youth and innocence, and is why blue colored contact lenses are so popular.

Yet there are many other reasons for their popularity too. Look at the classic movie stars of the past — Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Marilyn Monroe to name just three. They all subscribed to the “blue eyes, blonde-haired” stereotype of what the public wanted in their heroes. Fast forward to today, and the likes of Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz are the new favorites, and it surely can’t be too much of a coincidence that they both are blue-eyed celebrities.

Yet it’s not just in the celebrity world that blue eyes are so sought after, hence the reason why blue colored eye lenses are as popular as they are. They’re a lot more noticeable than other eye colors (with perhaps the only exception being jet black eyes). This is especially true when sunlight catches them at the right angle, or if a light shines on them at the right moment. Blue eyes are just so much more mesmerizing, and the sales of blue contact lenses continue to prove this.

Making sure you have the right type of blue colored contact lenses is important, though, since making the wrong choice will lessen the effect considerably. For example, if you have dark hair, or even medium colored hair, then you’ll want to go for a strong sapphire blue color. If you have fair or blond hair, on the other hand, then your best option is to go for a lighter shade. This works extremely well with redheads too.

Depending on how often you want to wear your contact lenses, there are also a few options you need to take into consideration. Since it is still essentially an extra “skin” that you are placing onto your eye, you shouldn’t wear them all the time. If you are going to wear them often, disposable brands such as Acuvue or Freshlook Colorblends are ideal. If it’s just occasionally to spruce up your look, then you can go for something like Durasoft 2 Colors. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can guarantee that wearing blue color contact lenses will get you noticed in ways you could only dream about.

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