June 21, 2024


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Brook Taverner Mix and Match Suits, Affordable Luxury

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Brook Taverner is a company that was established in the year 1912. The company has its base in Huddersfield at Verbrook House in St. Andrews Road. This places the company neatly at the very centre of the Yorkshire textile industry.

For close to 100 years the company has been supplying tailored suits, as well as tailored men’s trousers and tailored men’s jackets – perfect for mix and match suits. In fact, in the world of fine fashion the name of Brook Taverner has become synonymous with elegance and style, affordable luxury at an affordable price.

The company obtains its cloth from a variety of dependable sources. These sources include Italy where they find luxury fabrics, and Scotland where they find excellent tweeds. They have other sources too, and only the best is used to maintain the reputation of the famous BT identity.

Unlike manufacturers of suits that are frankly cheap and cheerful, Brook Taverner mix and match suits provide a degree of astonishingly fine quality and style that can instantly transform any man from ordinary to elegant. Their attention to detail and their simple insistence on always supplying the finest craftsmanship have made them a household name that can be trusted every time.

The company have become the most successful suppliers in Europe for corporate tailoring, work wear, and uniforms for staff. They can quickly deliver almost anything they produce at any time, thanks to their purpose built warehouse that is 140,000 square feet in size that holds in excess of £2 million of stock.

The idea behind the mix and match suits is simple but practical. It’s a simple fact that the trousers of any suit will wear faster than the jacket. If you wait to purchase another pair of trousers when they begin to show signs of wear, the jacket will already be showing some signs of wear and they will not match each other very well.

However, if you purchase an additional pair of trousers when you buy the suit initially, you can avoid that problem. The trousers need to be used time about for the best effect. This allows them to wear at an equal rate along with the jacket. Because you have two pairs of trousers, they are wearing at approximately half the rate of one pair, which works out at more or less the same rate of wear for an average suit jacket.

The range of Brook Taverner mix and match suits is impressive. Their range includes the corporate fashion collection, the sophisticated collection and the performance collection. These collections and others are designed to be suitable for the greatest range of needs and activities for today’s modern man.

In today’s busy world where first impressions can be everything, it’s important to know that you are dressed appropriately and properly. When you purchase one of their many mix and match suits, you have peace of mind in knowing that you have made a sensible choice, no matter what the occasion.

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