Cartier Glasses – Everything You Need to Know

The renowned Cartier fashion label was created in Paris around 1847, by the jeweler Louis-Francois Cartier. In the year 1899, he established his first boutique at Rue de la Paid, and ever since, Cartier stands for luxury at a high level and unmatched attention to detail. Cartier’s eyewear is handmade and each piece is designed to the highest standards. This article will help you find out the details concerning Cartier glasses and other eyewear.

When you first touch Cartier glasses with your first hand, you feel the quality of the glasses immediately. Even most laymen do. Cartier eyewear is constructed of various substances, such as metals (titanium and steel) as well as solid gold as well as other rare materials like a Bobbing buffalo horn, wood carbon, leather, and onyx.

The materials are durable and feel premium. Furthermore, many of the wearers of Cartier glasses can wear well-crafted clothes. There are no limitations with this one. The most precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires are ideal for this. There is a myriad of design options.

Why Are Cartier Glasses So Expensive?

Cartier Sunglasses are so costly because the most precious materials are used in the making of glasses. Yet, Cartier destroys products worth millions of euros each year, and this is not due to no defects or flaws. The reason for this is more an intentional method to maintain prices at a high level. So the amount of supply of products is kept at a minimum, as well as the perception of the company with prices is maintained at a high level.

Where Should You Go to Get Your Cartier Glasses Fixed?

Cartier glasses need to be repaired by an official Cartier Dealer. The reason behind this is the specific spare parts that are utilized for repairs to Cartier glasses.

In the case you use other screws to fix the hinges, the mechanism of the hinges could be damaged. In the same way, Cartier has specially decorated screws that are specifically designed for glasses. You can only purchase through a dealer who is authorized. 

How to Tighten Cartier Glasses?

Opticians who are authorized to carry Cartier spectacles also possess specific tools for fixing the glasses. Because Cartier is a brand with special hinges and materials that aren’t normally used in eyeglasses. To do this, the tools that are used to make Cartier glasses include plastic inserts that protect the glass components. This is crucial because a bad tool could scratch the gold-like coating on the glasses.

Certain components of Cartier glasses cannot be adjusted with the traditional tools of an optician. So, it is recommended to go to an authorized dealer to adjust the glasses.


What Are Popular Cartier Glasses?

There are numerous well-known Cartier models. They also alter according to the changing times and latest trends. Contrary to other brands, Cartier glasses are genuine collector’s items that are traded in the years after they are no longer offered by Cartier for many years.

Here are the most popular Cartier glasses. Cartier glasses:

  • Cartier Vendome
  • Cartier MUST Louis
  • Cartier Santos

Cartier Vendome is among the most well-known models of glasses. It’s famous as well as the glasses featured in its role in the James Bond blockbuster “A View to a Kill” which was released in 1985. It is an extremely unique style of glasses for pilots, with three screws that are positioned across the bridge.

The famous Cartier Must Louis is significantly smaller in height in comparison to the Model Vendome. Both glasses are linked through the double bridge. No other than the legendary Sir Elton John wears these glasses with tinted lenses in the music video for the track I’m Still Standing.

In the realm of popular shape aviator Cartier lenses, the Santos is among the lenses that should be included. The Santos is also available in a square-shaped version. You can learn more about these models in the following video.