July 14, 2024


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Elliptical Machines – A Great Elliptical System For Your Home

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Another big fitness event has been added to the calendar; the annual Ladder to Heaven 10-Day Triathlon. The 10-Day Triathlon is a challenging and highly demanding cardio-vascular event designed to challenge the limits of endurance and improve personal performance while providing the support needed to improve your health overall. The Ladder to Heaven provides a unique opportunity to combine fitness and charity at one of the most thrilling and exciting events of the year.

Ideal Choice For Your Home Workout Needs

This year, join us in challenging your body and improving your health, as well as meeting some great people at the same time with the new Ladder to Heaven. Octane’s latest innovation, the Lateral Elliptical XLS, is an ideal choice for your home workout needs. Touch screen controls let you challenge yourself with onboard workouts that are designed to boost your cardio performance, strengthen your legs, and improve your balance, all while helping you burn fat faster and build muscle quicker.

Variety of Cardio Exercises

A considerable part of any home gym trainers program should be incorporating a variety of cardio exercises and resistance training for the total package. There are many options for lateral elliptical machines on the market today. Still, none offer the versatility of the lateral ellipticals. Lateral elliptical products are designed to be multifunctional and can be adjusted for even the most specialized of users. Fitness Expo Store offers lateral elliptical for sale available to provide a full range of smooth and quiet motion, delivering a very realistic and comfortable workout every time.

Octane Lateral Elliptical

One machine in particular that Octane has developed for their users is the Octane Lateral Elliptical XLS. This machine was designed especially for use with the Health Club system by a professional trainer, which is one reason it works so well. The Health Club system lets you add variety to your workout routines, allowing you to add intensity as you desire. The XLS offers a full range of movement, with eight different incline levels and six different workout patterns. It’s excellent for use in the privacy of your own home or gym and also for adding variety to your routine. Each session takes less than sixty seconds and can be done without having to stop every so often.

Back And Front Seat

The octane lateral elliptical offers both a back and front seat, making it possible for everyone to have a chance to get some exercise together. It’s great for kids to use since the touch screen makes it easy to track your total time and set goals. You can also add a variety of different hand grips, handles, and pedals for increased difficulty. The front seat includes two-point or three-point seat height selections, depending on your level of fitness. This elliptical offers an automatic shut-off feature, and there is a built-in power adapter included. One of this model’s best features is that it comes with a two-year warranty for total satisfaction.

One of the most popular elliptical machines on the market right now is the Stair Step Elliptical XLS. This unit includes a unique eight-step motion system that uses smooth and powerful air motion. The stair-step utilizes an innovative motor system, which allows this model to simulate the smoothest and most realistic stepping motion you’ll ever experience in a home fitness gym. This model’s console will enable users to record their session and has a sleek, fully functional display. Other features include a foothold, a large LCD panel, and an easy to read keypad.

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