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In the industrial field, among the so-called “flavors”, the flavors excluding the flavors used for flavoring foods are collectively called “fragrances”. Fragrances are also called “cosmetic fragrances” in the industry.A fragrance is, roughly speaking, a “fragrance used in perfumes, cosmetics, fragrances, etc.” Or, it is a product containing such a fragrance. It is often used to refer to perfumes in general. Perfumes, essences and spices are all volatile substances; they have certain aromas and fragrances, which can be perceived by people’s sense of smell or taste; they are required to be pleasing, spiritually pleasing and enriching and beautifying people’s material culture, The purpose of life.Perfume is a product in which fragrance is dissolved in ethanol. Sometimes additives such as pigments, antioxidants, bactericides, glycerin, and surfactants can be added as needed. Through perfumery (that is, the technology and art of blending flavors), different types of perfumes are formulated. 

Historical development edit Voice:

The English “Perfume” of perfume is derived from the Latin “Parfumare”, which means “penetrating smoke”. As early as 1500 BC, Cleopatra VII had already started bathing with 15 different perfumes. In her time, it was illegal not to wear perfume in public places. But the first step of the European perfume industry actually started in the 16th century. At that time, Catherine De Medici came to Paris from Italy and was about to marry the King of France. With her noble status, she made perfume It has become a fashionable item in Paris, and suddenly everyone loves to use perfumed leather to make gloves. At that time, people thought that perfume was the best in Grasse. In the 17th century, the era of Louis XIV was the peak period of the French perfume and fragrance industry. In this era, the facilities in Paris were very backward. There were no water and sewage facilities, and people did not have the habit of bathing. The corners of the courtyard were usually convenient places, ladies. Also use perfume to cover up the smell on the body. In the 18th century, Farina, an Italian who moved to Cologne, Germany, made the “Water of Cologne” (Cologne) that swept across Europe for a while and completely changed people’s lives.

Etymology of fragrance:

Fragrance is an expression that originally means “fragrance” in English. The etymology goes back to Old French and then to Latin. The original meaning of fragrance is the “good scent ( fragrance)” emitted by flowers and perfumes.Perfumes are classified into “parfume”, “eau de parfum”, “eau de toilette”, “eau de cologne”, etc. in Europe and the United States according to the concentration of fragrance components, but in Japan, these are often collectively called “fragrances”.In the industry, it is called a “fine fragrance product”.A synonym for fragrance (difference from aroma, difference from flavor)In addition to “fragrance”, “aroma” and “flavor” are often used as words that mean fragrance and good fragrance. Aroma (originally derived from the Greek word for “herb”) is used primarily to refer to the delicious scent that rises from food. “Flavor” is often translated as “flavor” or “fragrance”, and has a strong nuance of aroma as a taste or taste including aroma.

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