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How Do I Take Care of My Table Linen?

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Table linens are utilized in different settings and places, including the kitchen. Tablecloths have endless uses, including protecting furniture, wiping up spills, d├ęcor etc. You must take good care of your tablecloths to guarantee durability and maintain their look. Poly premier round tablecloths offer an excellent solution for round tables. Check them out here and enjoy wrinkle-free tablecloths.  

 Here are some tips on taking care of your table linen. 

  • Cleaning

It is best to hand wash your linen tablecloths and avoid scrubbing them. If you use a washing machine, keep the linen on a short cycle. Linen fabrics do not like pummeling or vigorous scouring. Therefore, wash the tablecloths gently for the best results.   

  • React Quickly to Spills

Usually, the sooner you react to a spill or stain, the better. You will increase the chances of removing a stain efficiently from your linen if you respond quickly. You can utilize spot treatment having enzymes to dab on the stain gently. Avoid rubbing as this works the stain more into the fabric resulting in an enormous stain. Also, do not apply chlorine bleach on linen tablecloths as it may cause yellowing or erosion of the linen fibres. 

  • Soaking 

Sometimes, it can be hard to act upon spills immediately, especially if you host a big event. But soaking provides an excellent solution to removing the stains effectively. Soak the stained linen tablecloth in hot water for about 8 hours for maximum stain-busting power.

  • Storage

While some might prefer ironing their linen tablecloths before storing them, it is best to store them without ironing. Instead, iron them just before you use them to ensure they are in the right shape and achieve a better look. When keeping the linen tablecloths, roll them and store them flat. 

  • Drying

After washing your linen tablecloths, it is best to hang them outside to dry naturally. Besides, the sun rays can help bleach out any stains that the linen may have. To retain their shape, keep the drying linen flat whenever possible. 

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Table Linens


Which material is your tablecloth made from? Typically, cloth table linens help achieve upscale settings. Additionally, these clothes can withstand daily use without altering their quality. Even though disposable tablecloths are excellent for casual events, they can only be used once. 

The tone of the Event or Room

Did you know that linens play a significant role in setting the mood of a meal? Events will range from romantic or elegant, professional or severe, and festive or lighthearted occasions. Choose linens that perfectly complement the event and set its mood. 

Shape and Size 

You can know the overall level of formality on a specific occasion by checking the size of the tablecloths. Primarily, formal events will include a line drop of about 10 to 15 inches, while casual events include a 6 to 8 linen drop. Also, consider the shape of your tables to ensure the line you select fits them perfectly. 


Bold colours are perfect for festive displays and dramatic backdrops, especially when combined with other tabletop aspects. On the other hand, ivory and white colours are ideal for formal settings.

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