May 28, 2024


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How Male Lawyers Can Look Smart and Still Be Creative With Their Clothing Choices

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If you are working as a lawyer, your closet is most likely filled with plain shirts and dark colored suits, perhaps even the odd light grey for those days when you are feeling a little wild. The reality however, is that just because you are a divorce or truck accident lawyer, you don’t have to completely forget about creativity. Now we fully understand that in such a serious job as this, it is important that you always look smart and well turned out, because of the impact which this has on the way your clients see you. 

There is however still some scope for where you can show off a little bit of creativity, even if you are wearing a plain colored suit. 

Tie and Square 

Beyond the basic colors of your shirt and your suit, you will still have a tie and a pocket square which you can use to flex a little bit of your creative muscles. Now of course you should never go down the route of novelty tie here, for obvious reasons, but you can still use these two details to bring a little bit of life to your outfit and inject some creativity. 

Tailored Suit 

Whilst it may require a little bit of investment, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that a tailored suit is noticeable right off the bat. When you have your own suit made, every single detail will be down to your own selection, and this is where it really starts to take shape. Even if you held up an expensive standard suit versus a tailored suit, you are going to see the clear differences in design quality of the tailored option. From sleek lapels to additional buttons and trim, a suit which has been tailored for you is going to look incredible. 


A great trend which we have seen in recent years is the emergence of colorful and crazy socks. What makes this trend even better is that the style is to use crazy socks and garish colors, with your professional wear. In the main of course nobody is going to see this, at least not your clients, but every now and again you will be able to give people a glimpse of your zany socks, and it is a look which people just love. 


Even if you decide to pick a relatively plain colored pair of shoes, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from investing in some seriously creative designs.  The devil is really in the detail here and the closer that you get to a great pair of shoes, the better that you will pick up on those little twists and touches which take them to the next level. Simply because you have to wear black or tan shoes, doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. 

These are the areas which you should be focusing on in order to add a little creativity to your work wear as a lawyer. | Newsphere by AF themes.