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How To Wear a Hijab? Step By Step Tutorial

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The hijab plays a significant role in Muslim woman’s life. Not only the Muslims, but it is also famous in western countries. You have come to the right place if you are looking for ways to wear a hijab. This adorable cloth is wrapped around the head in different ways and defines the genuine beauty of the woman. Stylish Hijab pins play an essential role in order to hold that appropriately. And not only these, but you also need to take care of plenty of things to look elegant after wearing a Hijab. Let us go to an in-depth understanding of the practice of wearing a Hijab correctly.  

Stylish Hijab pins

Prepare your hair and under scarf 

The first thing that you need to take care of is your hair. You have to tie your hair and if your hair is dry, start with a dryer. Let your hair dry completely, but if you keep it from drying out, you will have a scalp infection. After drying your hair, you need to tuck it in a low ponytail, braid or bun, whichever you like. Prefer to try to tuck your hair correctly if you want to get the right shape of your Hajib. Avoid tieing your hair too tightly as you might feel uncomfortable. Put your under scarf now. It will make your Hijab look great. 

Preparation is required before wearing a hijab. 

In addition to wearing a hijab, you can also wear a dupatta to achieve this look. Scroll down to learn step-by-step instructions on how to wear a hijab with a dupatta.

How Should I Wear a Hijab Classically?

  • You should put a rectangular scarf on your head.
  • Put your scarf beneath your chin on both sides. Always keep your mouth open wide while putting the edges up to give your hijab a stable, slightly loose knot.
  • Flip your hijab over to your right shoulder, then bring the left end back to your left shoulder.
  • Cover your chest by spreading both ends.

Front Knot Hijab style

The front hijab is also one of the most popular styles of wearing a hijab. If you are wearing a formal outfit, you can wear this. Here are some steps given to wear the Hijab. 

  • Take a rectangle scarf and start by eventually distributing the two halves as you drape it over your head. Grab the two ends and wrap your neck with them, starting at the back and going to the other shoulder.
  • Make a knot at the front, then press it to the side.
  • You possess the look.

Side fall Arab Style Hijab 

If you are looking for the best and the cutest look, go for a side-fall Arab Hijab. 

  • Cover your head with 1/4th of a rectangular scarf, leaving the rest for draping.
  • To flip the hijab back, take the shorter side from behind the longer end.
  • The longer end should be traced along the top of your face, up to your head, and then sideways.
  • It’s as simple as pinning the scarf on the side, and you’re done.


It’s essential to wear your Hijab properly. Look at all the steps we have provided to you in order to wear your Hijab perfectly. You can even use stylish Hijab pins to get the best look and even the accessories for that. If you are looking for these pins, visit Silqrose. They have an incredible collection of pins. Visit their site to learn more. 

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