June 19, 2024


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Latest Trends in Couple Fashion

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Arguably one of the cutest ways to tell the world that you’re a couple is through the subtle hints in your appearances or belongings. It’s not that you want to tell everyone to back off because your partner is yours. Having someone who shares the other half of you is just comforting.

Declaring that your loved one is your partner in everything can be done in something as easy as upgrading your fashion sense. Don’t worry. We’re not talking about mushy t-shirts that say “she’s my girl” or he’s my boy.” There are plenty of ways to do this without sacrificing your style.

Latest Trends

The best way to express that you’re a perfect match is by having matching stuff as well. Whether it’s something grand like your outfit or low-key hints like your socks, your fashion sense will say something about you two. That being said, below are some ideas on how to dress up as a couple.

Color Tone

Simply wearing a shirt or an outfit that is of a similar color as your partner is already a fashionable way to dress up as a couple. Just make sure that the color you choose is good-looking for both of you. Understanding what color compliments your skin tone and your partner will help you decide your outfits’ color scheme.

Couple Rings

Are you feeling secure with your partner, and you think he/she is the one, but you’re not married yet? Don’t worry. You don’t need a wedding ring on that finger. There are plenty of rings intended for couples that you can find on the market. No one ever said that you need to spend thousands of dollars to wear matching rings with your partner, right?

Matching Tattoo

Another common trend with young couples nowadays is matching tattoos. You can go for subtle ones like having a moon tattoo on your wrist while your partner has the sun. On the other hand, you can also get some of the best tattoo ideas for couples in other parts of your body. However, you may want to keep in mind that tattoos are quite permanent, so make sure that your partner is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Otherwise, you’ll be spending hundreds of dollars on tattoo removals or remedies. Well, you can always leave it on your body and prepare a good explanation for your next partner.

iPhone Key Slot

Some couples have also started using their iPhones to express their love for each other. No, we’re not talking about setting your partner’s selfie as your background screen. Something as low-key as exchanging the sim trays on your iPhones is more than enough for a cute but thoughtful way to accessorize with your partner. Obviously, this only works on couples who use iPhones with different colors.

Mix ‘n’ Match

There are plenty of ways to use a mix ‘n’ match theme as a couple. For example, wearing a white shirt and red pants while your partner wears a red shirt and white pants could already be a couple outfit. If you want to go for something subtler, how about exchanging one of your sneakers’ shoelaces with that of your partner’s?

Your Favorite Couple

Dressing up as a couple doesn’t just mean matching outfits. You can also channel your favorite celebrity couples. There are probably lots of popular photos of these celebrities, and choosing outfits that match theirs is a great way to dress up as a couple. There’s also the bonus of ensuring that your fashion statements would be at their best because you’re basically dressing up as your favorite celebrity.

Matching Sneakers

Some people like to mismatch their sneakers by wearing theirs on their left foot and their partner’s on the right. However, not all couples have the same shoe size. Lucky for you, there’s also another great way to use footwear for couple fashion. Purchasing the same sneakers but of appropriate sizes for you and your partner means you both have functional, trendy, and matching footwear.

Couple Bracelets or Necklaces

If rings are not your thing unless it’s a wedding ring, then there are other accessories that are made for couples. For example, there are bracelets with magnets that stick with each other, and there are also necklaces with pendants that function like puzzle pieces. Wearing these with your partner is a fashionable way to accessorize as a couple.

Gone are the days when fashion statements as a couple are cheesy and corny. It is now easier for us to wear a trendy outfit with our partners. As long as you know the latest trends in couple fashion, you can both pull-off the best OOTD.

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