July 15, 2024


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Once Slap Bracelets Were Banned At School

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Once Slap Bracelets Were Banned At School

Still I can remember the day; the Slap Bracelets were banned in our school. It was very pathetic and I thought I was going to lost one of my precious things, which was a part of my fashion credentials. I made my identity as “the fashionable, the rough & tough boy reputation” in school with a different wearing style. The tears began to fall like rain drops in my heart after hearing the news. I loved to wear five Slap Bracelets at a time from wrist to elbow as the zebra striped, the cheetah printed, the wild imaged, the black and white striped, plain red colored, the leopard spot printed, etc. I bought all of them from different stores with my mom and Grandpa. I was fond of slap bracelets and I had a good collection of them. Some of my classmates were jealous and that was another pleasure for me.

The slap bracelets were banned because of its improper use, the teenagers and pre-teens began to use as a wrist weapons to defense by causing eye and skull injuries in elementary schools. Besides that, the metal strip inside the fabric snapped over wrists often become exposed and caused injuries. The craze of wearing Slap bracelet, which was also known as snap bracelet, was begun in the late 80s. In 90s when it banned I was a teenager. When the school notice came to my parents and they warned me to wear the bracelets in school, it was very hard to accept. However, I thought my parents might permit me to wear them after school. Unfortunately, they disagreed after spreading the death news of two boys causing by slap bracelet. It seemed like all of my pleasures were snatched away in a moment.

However, now I can realize that it was a good decision by school committees and parents. And as a result, the bracelet making companies begin to compete for presenting new arrivals like more fashionable, more attractive, reasonable price & obviously harmless bracelets for all different aged people.

Some fashion & styles do not last for long. Some are treated as old fashions and overlooked, some are renewed with new dimensions, and some fashions are repeated as the same after couple of years. Surprisingly, the slap bracelet ruled over the world from late 80’s to till now. From kids to old; all like to wear and to gift others as a token of love. Now-a-days the slap bracelet is used as awareness band like diabetic day, breast cancer awareness; aids prevent awareness, heart disease awareness, etc. Besides, some companies use it as a company identity for the employees. In this age of globalization, all are thinking to present their products or thoughts with versatile applications and the slap bracelets are not beyond it.

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