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9 Aplikasi Online Shop Favorit Tempat Belanja Produk-produk Fashion ~  Highlight.ID

Fashion and apparel e-commerce is a very hot genre in various e-commerce markets.

In 2019, apparel e-commerce has been engaged in omni-channel initiatives, analysis integrated with stores, and efforts to connect all technologies such as fitting, custom-made, and AR utilization to services.Also, in recent months, the way stores and EC should be under the corona situation has become clearer.

What is the size of the Online fashion store ?

The fashion Online market has faced a deflationary economy since his 90s. The fashion apparel market has been declining due to consumers’ low-price thinking.

As the women who supported the online market entered society due to the economic downturn, they began to demand clothes that they could easily wear in their work and daily life rather than clothes for going out. In recent years, with the spread of fast fashion, it has become easier to obtain functional and trendy items at low prices, and consumers are becoming less and less willing to pay for clothes.Furthermore, in the future, it is predicted that the market will tend to decline due to the effects of the declining birthrate and aging population.An online shop is a “website that sells goods and services on the Internet.”For example, the  any online shop with a global market share. 

Of course, not only large online shops like it, but all websites where you can buy goods and services through your computer or smartphone are called online shops. With the spread of the Internet, online shops are naturally beginning to blend into our lives.

According to the “Results of Market Research on Electronic Commerce” released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in April 2018, the 2017 BtoC-EC market (the market where companies sell goods and services to individuals on the Internet) is It increased to 16,505.4 billion yen (up 9.1% from the previous year). The EC market is growing in size year by year, and many companies already have their own online shops.For more information on the EC market, please read “[Analysis by industry] Will the size of the EC market and the rate of EC conversion in Japan continue to grow?”

The EC site can be viewed by visitors anytime and anywhere, and there is no need for a sales representative to sell. It plays a role in increasing sales regardless of the business days / hours of the company. For this reason, in recent years, we operate EC sites in every industry …

Differences from online shops, online shops, and EC sites:

Like online shops, they are sometimes called “net shops” and “EC sites,” but they all also refer to “websites that sell goods and services on the Internet.”Looking at each sales channel, in 2018, men’s clothing / clothing, women’s clothing / clothing, baby / children’s clothing / clothing, all department store channels (96.0% of the previous year’s level of 1,794.5 billion yen) and mass retailer channels (96.3). % 802.7 billion yen), the predicament continues.

By sales channel, EC (fashion mail order site) is performing well, and it is expected that the composition ratio of “Others (mail order, etc.)” will continue to increase. It seems that omni-channelization will become more important in the future. It will be necessary to make efforts for EC development with an awareness of real stores, and let’s aim for mutual customer transfer effects.According to a survey by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the EC market size of fashion and apparel that interests him was 1,772.8 billion yen in 2018, an increase of 7.74% from the previous year.

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