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Paul Frank Sunglasses – Useful Information About Paul Frank Sunglasses

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Paul Frank Sunglasses – Useful Information About Paul Frank Sunglasses

Frankly, Paul Frank sunglasses veer toward the borderline nerdy. Taking the retro 1950’s look to heart this manufacturer is everyday youth oriented fun wear. With names like “not in my air force” these styles give the imagination flight.

Also sporting a creative moniker are “lovers in the backseat” and “my bright future”. Perhaps the niftiest of the Paul Frank sunglasses line is “let the good times roll”. And that’s just what the wearer will do. As you can see, these sunglasses and other products from the Paul Frank line are really fun. Both guys and gals will get a kick out of a pair of Paul Franks.

Let yourself get taken away to a land of 50s comic strips, manly superheroes who can do no wrong in spandex, spunky women journalists and doctors and young sidekicks which catch phrases like ‘Holy Toledo’. Because that’s the way you’ll end up looking at the world through a pair of these lenses. Even the pair called, 21st century digital boy is a retro remake of those classic aviator sunglasses we all know and love.

A bright color palette indicates the style of Paul Frank and his sunglasses. This maker likes to take the every day mundane and twist it around for his designs. It’s known that Paul Frank has been collecting vintage sunglasses since he was 14 years old and he’s now making vintage sunglasses with his artistic skills. Many of the sunglasses designs are hand drawn by Paul Frank. Even though he’s got himself a great fashion house, Frank is still getting down to the nitty gritty work of designing.

Speaking of his designs one of the more eye-catching shades, is his pair of sunglasses sinfully labeled House of Jealous Lovers. They are deliciously dark in a deep maroon shade with wine colored lenses. The curved front keeps them flush to the face to hide any envious glances the wearer may be sending towards a certain attraction.

Every pair of Paul Frank sunglasses is made by hand, using a tried and true method for creating solid, high quality and longer lasting sunglasses.

Retailers will even adjust the pair of Paul Franks sunglasses you purchase to suit your head for the best fit. A combination of Zyl material and wire core insertions inside the temples are what make it so easy to adjust these sunglasses to every customer’s head. The metal inserts and plastic frames also make these sunglasses lightweight, so they seem to be barely there at all.

The lenses are made of CR-39 polymers with a scratch resistant coating for those clients who are always dropping their sunglasses. Lenses also feature 100% UV/UVB protection from the sun’s rays so you can play in the sun all day long. Also bragging to be resistant to heat, chemicals and other extreme weather conditions these sunglasses claim that the lenses won’t warp or blister.

For some extra fun some of the Paul Frank sunglasses feature mechanical metal snaps allowing people to apply interchangeable magnetized logos to the temples of the sunglasses. It’s a hoot, as they would say in the good old days.

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