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Grooming is the care of the whole body to keep it clean, and one of the cares is trimming to cut and clean the hair. Grooming is essential for any dog ​​to protect its health, but trimming is necessary and done differently depending on the breed.

This time, I will introduce the meaning and importance of grooming and trimming.

Difference between grooming and trimming

The word trimming means “to trim” and “to remove unnecessary parts”. Trimming a dog is “cutting and trimming the hair.”You may have heard the word grooming, which is similar to trimming. Cat Grooming in Columbus Ohio ,Grooming means “to keep your whole body clean and tidy.” Specific care includes nail clippers, ear cleaning, anal gland squeezing, and trimming is one of the grooming cares.Long-haired breeds such as Toy Poodle and Maltese are trimming dog breeds that require hair cutting, and short-haired breeds such as Shiba Inu and Labrador Retriever are grooming dog breeds that require only nail clippers, ear cleaning, and a little hair cutting.

Grooming content


Comb the hair with a brush, comb, or slicker, remove the pills, and straighten the hair.

Dogs with hair on felt or pills are especially important to care for.

Ear cleaning

Dog ears are less breathable than human ears and remove or cut unwanted ear hair to wipe off dirt on the ears.

Be aware that dogs with drooping ears tend to get stuffy and get dirty because they have poor breathability.

Anal gland squeezing

Remove anal pus as it accumulates in the anal glands.

Sitting and rubbing your butt on the ground is an action that is trying to get pus out of the anus, which makes you feel better and your tail rises better.

Cut the hair and trim it neatly.

Not only overgrown hair and disturbing hair, but also a cute cut that looks cute according to the season and the owner’s intentions.

Regularly trim single-coated dogs and long-haired dogs that do not have a moult period.

Hair cut on the soles of the feet

If you leave the hair on the soles of your feet, it will grow so much that it gets in the way, so you need to cut it for all dogs.

Nail clippers

Like humans, the nails continue to grow, so cut them regularly.

Many dogs dislike it, and it is difficult to see blood vessels in dogs with black claws, so if you can not do it well, you should have it cut at a trimming salon or a veterinary clinic.


Best done after each meal or once a day.

You can have your teeth brushed at a trimming salon or veterinary clinic, but it is important to be able to do it yourself as it is a daily care.

Why dogs need grooming and trimming

Some people think that they are not interested in trimming, saying that “going to a trimming salon costs money” and “trimming is a fashionable dog’s job”. Certainly, short-haired breeds do not need to be trimmed. However, grooming is necessary for any dog.

Taking you to a trimming salon is important not only for beauty but also for your health.

To keep hair hygienic

In dogs whose entire body is covered with hair, the hair acts as what humans call clothing. It’s unpleasant and unsanitary to keep wearing dirty clothes every day. Brush and shampoo regularly.

In particular, the area around the buttocks is easily soiled with excrement. Cut the surrounding hair to prevent dirt from adhering as much as possible. Please be careful about the hair around your eyes. If it stretches, it may pierce your eyes and cause tears or rheumatism.Click here.

If you neglect to take care of it, you will be worried about the smell. A beautiful pet dog is better for living with you, isn’t it? If a dog is unsanitary, it can cause illness not only to the dog itself but also to humans. Conversely, it is not good for dogs to be unsanitary by humans. You don’t always have to be perfectly clean, but be careful about hygiene so that you can live comfortably with each other.

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