May 28, 2024


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Schoolboy, 7, hacks off hair after ‘Boris Johnson’ jibe

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A fashion-conscious seven-year-old got annoyed about being told he looked like “Boris Johnson’s offspring” that he hacked his fringe off.

For two years, George-Henry Denton had been begging mum Karly, 33, to let him grow his hair and she finally agreed eight months ago.

But George-Henry decided he’d had enough of his mum calling him a Boris Johnson lookalike when he woke up with bedhead in the morning so he and brother Frankie-James, six, got their hands on a pair of craft scissors while mum was in the bath.

After giving himself a haircut, George-Henry proudly marched into the bathroom to show off his new trim leaving business development manager Karly in stitches.

The fashion-conscious kid had been hoping to grow his hair out
The fashion-conscious kid had been hoping to grow his hair out

Karly, from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, said: “I’ve said he looked like Boris for months. While it was going through the growing stage it didn’t really lay properly, it just stuck out. I kept telling him he looked like the offspring of Boris Johnson. He kept telling me off.

“I showed him Boris and he said he doesn’t look like that but I told him he really does. When he’s just got out of bed and his hair sticks out so much, it’s so funny.

“It kept falling down in his face and it was annoying him. I’d said in the morning that now it’s at a nice length and it had gone through the awkward stage to where it actually looks nice, we could go and get it trimmed and tidied up.

“The scissors he used were out of a craft set that he had in the toy room. I went for a bath and sent them to play. I could hear them playing hide and seek and thought they were fine.

“He walked into the bathroom and was playing with his hair at the front. And he said ‘mum the front bit has gone’ and moved his hand and I just said ‘oh my God, what have you done?’.

George-Henry was not happy with the result
George-Henry was not happy with the result

“I couldn’t stop laughing,” she added. “I thought ‘wow’. He was gutted. He said he’d taken the front bit off I told him he’d cut loads off but he wasn’t panicking”.

“I asked if he’d seen it and he hadn’t so I showed it to him in the mirror and he started crying.

“He was in genuine shock that it didn’t look good. He’d held the hair and asked his six-year-old brother to cut it for him and he did. They don’t normally do anything stupid.”

George-Henry is still hoping to grow his hair so Karly is trying to salvage the dodgy cut by waxing the left-over fringe down while it grows back.

She said: “He wanted it long enough to tie back and have a man bun, he was probably about two inches off being able to do that. He was going to have it cut back short but he changed his mind and said he still wants it long.

“In the morning, he gets straight up to wax his hair and he’s asked if he could wait until it grows out. We’ve bought some extra strong wax to blend it and wax down.” | Newsphere by AF themes.