May 18, 2024


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Style Guide: How to style the outfits with wedge shoes? 

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Slay your looks with trendy wedges to add a glam factor to your style. Wedges add a subtle feminine touch and are stylish yet comfy, unlike some heels that can cause pain in the feet after an hour of strolling. It is an ideal choice of footwear in the hot season while you go out for shopping or on a relaxing vacation along the beachside. They are so adaptable and versatile that you won’t feel regretful about having more than one pair in your shoe rack since you’ll have the option to take advantage of them every day of the week. 

Perhaps the mind gets stuck on one question, how to style wedge shoes with the outfits you own? These fashionable staples might compliment any dress, but with a few added detailings, they will make you stand out. Here are some styling tips that will rock your wedge shoes outfits.  

1. Tame wedges for an everyday outfit 

Choose tame wedges for everyday regular wear. Try neutral colors such as black, brown, or nude. Go for some classic designs, such as booties, peep toes, pumps, or espadrilles. Leather and canvas wedges are the most ideal choice and are the best material to glam up the look.  

From formal to casual, they are just perfect for any look. 

2. Try midi summer dresses with sandal wedges

A knee-length midi dress with floral prints just looks chic with strappy sandals. They give a very playful and fun vibe complementing a perfect summer dress. Strappy wedge sandals provide a light and airy touch, just like the summer dresses. Go for metallic straps that can even make you party-ready, and you will be all ready to rock the floor.  

3. Skinny jeans and wedge shoes

Since wedges give a heavy look, they could be best paired with slim-fit jeans to create a clean, sleek look. Pair wedges with ankle-length pants and a loose t-shirt to create a fashionable outlook. For instance, wear some skin-fitting pants with black wedge shoes with a mid-range heel. 

4. Office formals and a pair of pump wedges 

Pick pump wedges for formal attires. In the event that your office demands everyday business wear, you can easily rely on wedges to give a style quotient and comfort. Simply pick closed-toed pump wedges instead of shoes or boots, as they will give a more professional look. Always stick to neutral shades of color such as black, grey, nude, or black.  

5. Random mix and match 

Fashion often arises from an astounding blend that works! Try matching random outfits with wedges to create a fun, playful outfit. For example, try 

Ripped jeans with simple, elegant wedges  

Classy maxi dress with shiny or canvas wedges 

Be creative, taking a stab at various mixes until you find something you like and love to wear all day long. While wedges are versatile and go well with any length and style of apparel, evaluate various matches to see what looks best with your outfits.  

6. Skirts and capris with stylish wedges 

Wear thick wedges with capris or skirts to make your lower part of the legs look slimmer. Wedges have an enormous presence and generally make your ankles look smaller. If your objective is to flaunt your ankles, chunky wedges are your perfect choice. This styling idea also helps in giving a slim look to your calves.  

Try wedges with pleated skirt outfits or a denim capris to create a statement look and impress everybody.  


Wedge shoes are flexible shoes that can add a touch of class to any attire. While they don’t resemble as fancy as stilettos, you can still try them with fancy outfits, as long as you choose the correct pair. On different events, they can simply be enjoyable to wear, offering an energetic or relaxed look! Sort out the best heel height, and you are ready for the event, and work on matching the best pair with your outfit. 

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