June 21, 2024


The Fashion Inside

The 20 best fashion bloggers to inspire your style in 2022

10 min read

The best fashion bloggers are a great source of sartorial inspiration. Building communities on microblogging sites such as Instagram, fashion bloggers can help you nail your personal style and learn clever fashion hacks that you can slot into your everyday looks.

We love being inspired and whether that’s from timeless fashion quotes, or the best fashion bloggers, gone are the days when we could only get our style fix through the pages of a magazine. In 2022 there is a myriad of inspiring outfits that are a mere scroll away – you just need to be following the right fashion bloggers on Instagram to find them. Showcasing the latest fashion trends 2022 and how they translate those looks to their body types and tastes has made fashion more attainable for all and while the mainstream fashion industry has taken tentative steps in the right direction, with more diversity and more plus-size models walking the runways, the best fashion bloggers have really helped to level the playing field.

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