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The Four Types Of Wine You Must Try In NSW

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The Four Types Of Wine You Must Try In NSW

New South Wales is known for many things, but none are more important or beneficial than its local Australian wines. The climate of NSW is perfect for the grape, and over the past decade, there has been a massive upsurge in vineyards producing a variety of fine wines.

Each vineyard has its own unique style and taste, and this guide will take you on a journey of the four hand crafted wines that can’t be missed if you are in the area.

#1 – Fortified Wine

Thanks to the favourable weather in NSW, the grapes that make cabernet and shiraz are perfect for creating a fortified wine. The process of making this wine involves fermenting the grapes for several years before adding a distilled spirit. In many cases for NSW fortified wine, this spirit will be brandy, though each vineyard has its own specific recipes to create these tasty hand-crafted wines.

This process results in a wine that is much higher in alcohol content than what you would expect and has the flavour of brandy or sherry.

The fortified wines in NSW are often served as an after-dinner drink, making it the perfect way to top off a meal overlooking the vineyard or as a fulfilling nightcap to end the day.

#2 – Red Wine

While red wine may be common throughout the world, no other region favours the grape quite like NSW. With favourable growing conditions, grapes are extracted and fermented for a rich, hearty, and versatile flavour combination that will satisfy any wine lover’s senses.

The red wines from NSW are perfect for pairing with beef or pork and complement any meat-based dish perfectly. From shiraz to Cabernet Sauvignon and everything in between, don’t be afraid to try all types of red wine that NSW has to offer.

# 3 – Sparkling Wine

Grapes for red wines aren’t the only ones that do well in the lush climate of NSW. When it comes to making sparkling wine, the grapes used for pinot noir and chardonnay can offer a refreshing sparkling wine that is clean, crisp, and utterly delicious.

Pair one of these sparkling wines with a salad, seafood dish, or even cheese and crackers for an appetiser before dinner.

# 4 – White Wine

The white wine grapes in NSW offer winemakers the ability to create fruity, floral, and even citrusy recipes. Often aged in French Oak for at least six months, the winemakers and vineyards of NSW surely know how to craft the perfect white wine for any occasion.

The white wines in NSW are perfect for serving with fish, seafood, and even chicken due to their lighter profile. The best part is that it doesn’t matter if you serve white wine chilled or at room temperature, each type of white wine is equally delicious in either state.

Wine Your Way Through NSW

These four types of local Australian wines are perfect for any occasion, any time of day, and with many varieties available for each type, you are sure to find one of these hand crafted wines that will be your new favourite.

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