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The Latest TikTok Fashion Trends Of May 2022

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Other than being the breeding ground for viral dances and songs, the newest hobbies and lifestyle trends, TikTok has really taken the stage as the people’s runway for fashion inspiration and even innovation.

Innovation because there are thousands of fashion TikTokers who are finding creative ways to wear the same oversized white shirt, or how wear a scarf as a multi-way accessory. It is even the best way to kick off your clothing resale side-gig.

And even though Euphoria and Bridgerton have heavily influenced pop culture fashion, the looks became accessible through TikTok. As of May 2022, here are the top 10 spring fashion TikTik trends that are sure to hold their weight going into summer.


10 Two-Pieces

Two-piece sets have been trending for a long-time, but with the recent TikTok trends, if you don’t have one yet you are late to the party.

Matching sets are ideal for capsule closets because they are super versatile for styling. When you don’t want to come up with an outfit? Put on the two-piece, and when you feel like being creative, mix and match it.

9 Feather Accents

The feathery accent trend was in full swing around Valentine’s day, as a mind-blowing accent to your V-day date outfit, then again at Oscar’s red carpet, serving an old Hollywood vibe.

Now, you can find the feathery accents in almost any store as it has gone totally viral on TikTok. Look for a straight-neck tank top with a feathery collar or a mini-skirt with a feathery fringe. It serves groovy 70’s vibes, especially when combined with sheer or satin.

8 Cutouts

Cutouts are here for spring and summer trends, as the weather is getting warmer, it is time to cut down on the clothing. Look for a basic body-con midi-dress, but make it cut out for an elegant and fun detail.

Alternatively, cut out jumpsuits are super in, or flowing dresses with a cutout to give it some shape.

7 Platforms

Platforms have always been in style, but with the thick slip-on sandal trend gone viral thanks to TikTok, there is a whole new summer sandal waiting to be unveiled. This is the perfect opportunity to get on the bright-colored accessory trend, get some chunky platforms in a color that matches your favorite mini-purse.

Having a black pair nearby for everyday styling and summer work outfits will also be your new loafer.

6 Bright Colored Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts are essential for any closet, whether you work in an office or from home, it is the perfect shirt for office wear that meets comfy street style, not to mention there are like 100 ways to style it according to fashion TikTokers.

This spring, add a bright-colored oversized shirt to your wardrobe for spring styling, it is perfect as a light layer as an alternative to the spring jacket, and this summer you can wear it as a beach coverup.

5 Groovey Sunnies

Sunglasses are an ever-changing trend, it is hard for a pair to outlast a year as they are a quickly moving accessory. Through TikTok, it is clear that sunnies are now very gender-neutral with all people trying out styling with the same groovy glasses.

From rectangular and chunky, in colors like pink white and orange, to the aviator style but also with orange frames, channel your inner hippy with some groovy glasses.

4 Mini-Skirts

You can thank the rise of Yk2 fashion via TikTok for the miniskirts getting shorter, and the wasite lines getting lower.

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3 Crochet

Another groovy 70’s trend that is making its way back into the mainstream, thanks to Coachella fashion via TikTok, is crochet.

Whether you know how to make it yourself, or you prefer to shop for it, crochet is the new summer material. While something to think about is the material can feel a bit hot in the sun, you can look for a breathable. Check out halter tops and fun summer dresses made from crochet.

2 Corsets

Corsets are nothing new in the world of TikTok, but thanks to Bridgerton fashion, Olivia Rodrigo’s punk princess looks and The Met Gala, corsets are now a fashion must. If you have shied away from this trend because it looks uncomfortable, reconsider giving it a second shot.

Due to its popularity, there are many tops and dresses to choose from that have varying levels of tightness. Get a cute crop top or satin summer dress with a corset frame.

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1 The Zara Pink Satin Dress

Every year there is at least one dress from Zara that goes viral on TikTok, last year it was the green paisley mini dress but this year it is the pink satin midi dress. While pink is classic, you can also find it in purple and green, and many other stores make similar models if you want to shop outside of Zara or just can’t grab it before it sells out.

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