The watch box

The watch box

Watches have more to offer than the primary function as a time indicator and the secondary function such as chronograph, date display and Co. Today, men’s watches are a fashion accessory and a status symbol that is gladly shown and worn. Of course, a sensible man never needs more than one watch on his wrist at the same time, but it certainly does not have to be the same watch year in, year out!

Before you know it, you’ve become a watch collector by buying a second, a third, a … watch! The next step is to look for a worthy place to store the potentially valuable and rare pieces. You, as a careful watch wearer, will hardly keep your wristwatches or rare chronographs jumbled in an old cookie jar.

Depending on the model and functionality, there are, for example, watch winders for automatic watches or classic watch cases and watch boxes.

Watch winder – watch storage for automatic watches

Already in the mid-1920s, the first automatic watches were manufactured in series. An accurate knowledge of the precise time became more important than ever, with a glance at the wrist being the quickest form of orientation. With automatic winding, the movement no longer had to be wound daily, as was the case with hand-wound watches.

Automatic watches, however, live off the energy of the watch wearer. If the watch is not worn for 2 days or more, the movement stops. So that this does not happen watch winders were developed. When the timepiece is not on the wrist of its user, the watch winder provides the necessary movement. Watch winders were invented over 50 years ago by the company Elma Germany. They were once used by watchmakers to check repaired automatic watches and were called circulation regulators.

Advantages of watch winders

Automatic watches do not have a battery and manual winding in the case to gain the drive for their gear train. This is done casually, that you as a watch wearer do not have to worry about. However, the situation is different for the automatic watches that you are not wearing on your wrist.

If it is your wish that your other automatic watches are wound then a watch winder is the right choice. You can change your watches at any time without having to set them up and shake them to get them ready for use. Then he will buy a watch winder, which combines the winding of automatic watches with the advantages of ordinary watch storage.

Thus, the watches in it are not simply displayed in a nice draped manner, but are subjected to a motion sequence that simulates hand movements and keeps them in operation. The necessary motors can be powered by manual winding, batteries or mains. Battery operation has the advantage that the winder can then be stored in a safe. If you prefer to display your watch winder, then mains operation is a good solution.

The drive in these watch winders sophisticated. About adjustable programs, with rests and adjustable number of rotations and the choice of a right or left winding modern watch winders offer a lot of flexibility. If your watch collection includes several automatic watches, this is no problem. The large watch winders from Modalo, Klarstein and Aevitas offers enough space for 6 to 12 watches.

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