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Wedding Gift Ideas For A Newly Married Couple

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Have a couple that is about to tie the knot in a few days? What are you going to give to express love and best regards? Finding the perfect wedding gift can be an uneasy task, with different preferences from one couple to the next. Eventually, the duty is left to personal judgment and instincts to choose gifts for newlywed couples. Online gift stores are the one-stop shops to buy gifts for all occasions. Read on as we share thoughtful wedding gifts for a newly married couple.

Couple passport cover

Are your newly married power couple into travelling? Then a set of personalised passport covers will keep their passports safe and you in their thoughts. You can do a bit of research on their favourite colours and designs. You can also pair the passport cover gift with some travel essentials. Also, check out trending travel items on online gift portals and social media platforms.

Skincare products

The face looks make the first impression! Be in the hearts of your newly married couple with a combo of skincare products. Some stores offer personalisation options on the packaging. Take the surprise to the next level by pairing the skincare products with grooming & makeup kits! To help you find the perfect items, it will help if you know each of the couple’s favourite products and essentials.

Kitchen essentials

Food is the gateway to creating sweet and cherished memories. When you go to visit your newly married power couple, it would be another level to know that the meal was prepared using the wooden cutting block and essential kitchen gifts from you. Though these may appear as common gifts on a wedding day, there are creative ways to make your gifts outstanding! Check out personalised wooden cutting boards with designs, names, and messages, among other essentials, on online gift stores.


Jewellery gifts are some of the most expressional gifts to give near and dear ones on such special occasions. With jewellery items that can be worn on many occasions with different outfits, memories of the union celebrations will always pop by! Take your pick from a wide selection of materials and designs, from bracelets, earrings, necklaces, to rings.

Plant gifts

Plants are gifts that will always keep giving! With a dose of fresh air and greenery in their indoor spaces, their home will always be filled with happy vibes! Take your pick from a wide selection of indoor plants from Money, Bonsai, Lucky Bamboo, and Jade to Spider plants. Make lasting memories and spruce up the decor with plants in personalised pots and a gardening toolkit.


Tying the knot is the first step to starting a family! Make the best impressions on the newly married couple with a stunning nameplate – with their names. They will surely love to decorate their new home to celebrate their love. There are many nameplate designs and materials, from wooden to metal.

Personalised mug

A hot cup of tea or coffee is treasured at any time of the day! A personalised mug gift is sure to make them feel special whenever they take a couple tea or coffee break. There are many styles of mugs from which you can choose to wow your power couple. Check out trending printed coffee mugs on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Music rocks the body and soul! Don’t let the party sensation fade in your couple’s home with a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Since it’s a gift from you, you can surprise them with your favourite Bluetooth speaker brand.

Cushions and pillow covers

Since newly married couples will be starting their new life together, they won’t have everything in the house! Enlighten your power couple with a set of cushions and pillow covers. You can order customised items from local gift stores! Before you buy, check out other options online. Maybe you like 婚禮錄影

Decorative gifts

Personal space decorations vibrate the personality of the individuals that own the place! Make lasting impressions on your favourite couple with wishful decorative gifts for their home. 

There are many gifting items that you can choose from! 

Options include:

Photo frames


Photo lamps,

God idols,



Wall clocks,

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