July 19, 2024


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Wholesale Silver Jewellery – Which Type of Jewellery Sell the Fastest?

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The answer is silver rings. As almost all traditional jewellers understand, rings normally sell faster than any other type of jewellery due in no small part to people having 8 fingers but only 2 wrists, 1 neck and one pair of ears!

Try checking AdWords keyword search tool as website visitors are twice as likely to search for the term ‘wholesale silver rings’ than the term ‘wholesale silver earrings’ or ‘wholesale sliver pendants’.

However, when we visited the Birmingham Spring Fair in the U.K. last year, which is major UK trade show for wholesale silver jewellery, we were amazed to see that a large proportion of exhibitors either did not offer rings at all or offered a very limited selection of silver ring designs. After talking at length to many show exhibitors it seems that many of their buyers of silver jewellery, except traditional jewelers, such as retailers offering fashion accessories are often rather reluctant to stock rings due to a perception they are required to make a large investment in inventory as rings need to stocked in a variety of sizes. If that really is true then these retailers are missing out on their best wholesale silver jewellery selling opportunities.

We find that the best selling ladies ring sizes are 7,8, 9 followed by size 6. But it is not always necessary to stock all of these sizes as if you are an fashion accessory store and have a relatively low silver jewellery sales turnover. So if do not already stock rings try at least to stock two sizes of each design to start with and use the savings and any extra available funds to stock as many different ring designs as you can.

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