July 19, 2024


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Why health hazards have increased a lot worldwide

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Not only COVID, but general health hazards has also increased to an unimaginable level in this world. Be it obesity, or cholesterol, high BP, heart diseases, asthma, or some other general ailments, health hazards have crossed all limits on this earth. 

There are drugs for everything that is faced in regular life, including Fildena 100, Cenforce 100, But are the drugs the solution finder? If it were so, then why obesity comes back even after taking drugs, why cholesterol comes back, even after taking a series of drugs? There is no answer of the same with any of the professionals regarding the same. 

The world is astonishing too. They talk about Global warming all the time, but won’t bother to work on the CFC radiator any time. They talk about ailments, and never states any way out of the same. They state stress is the culprit in all the ailments but does everything so that the stress reaches the penultimate state all the time. 

So, getting a solution from the professionals here is impossible and is definitely an unusual demand. What has to be done will have to be pursued by you alone. But there is one problem here, which you would face. The problem lies in the root. You have no proper idea about why these many health hazards are overcoming the society of all nations these days. 

Knowing the actual algorithm 

The real reason for the health hazard lies in the fast life yours. You divide your time for professional life and family life and you call the family life to be personal life. But aren’t you lying to yourself by doing so? … Yes you are; your personal life is where you lead your own life and that too very much personally. 

That time, none even the closest friend of yours is allowed to reach you. You can enjoy that time, by painting, through music, meditation, etc and many more things. But you avoid sparing that time and keeping that time booked for you alone. 

Result of that – you fail to please yourself and your life. You spend your full life pleasing your boss, your subordinates, your colleagues, your wife, your would-be and others. But everyone seeks a happy man, and a happy man is him who remains happy within himself, which you are not. 

In fact, you have even no idea that you are not a happy man even and that is the biggest misery in your life. But whether you know it or not, your mind won’t stop for the same. It would feel lonely as you will not be turning your face to him and naturally, it will feel lonely and gradually will feel insecure from all your life. 

The solution at your tips 

Ultimately, your mind will start sparking its loneliness and that will make you feel the crisis of security in your life. Once you start facing the same, you will easily stand on your feet to perceive everything against you. You will start feeling a sense of insecurity in every aspect and that would bring endless health hazards in you. How? 

Firstly that would disturb your sleep and that will start making you unpleasant. Your food will not be digested; your breathing system will start acting abruptly. The next thing will come from the sleeplessness and that would create unnecessary fear in you and the result of the same would affect your heart. And the same would bring endless ailments to you, including cholesterol, high or low BP, heart ailments, asthma etc. 

The same would affect your nerves and you will find some nervous ailments and even face some ailments regarding some personale problem, which comes out of all these. The total thing would destroy the confidence in yourself and would start depending on sleeping pills, some sugar controlling pills, some nervous system restoring pills and even some pills like Fildena 100, Cenforce 200 or Tadaflo 20mg

So, what you need to do now is to allocate the time for yourself, other than your profession and other than your family life. Allot some time for your mind and feel the difference. You will avail of some extra oxygen that would allow you to keep yourself free from all stresses whatsoever. 

Once, you will be capable of doing so, whatever condition that would surround you would not make any sense for you anymore. You will stay ever-relaxed and will remain free from all types of ailments. Make yourself serious about one thing – remaining free from all ailments is the best way to fight with ailments. Once you confirm this philosophy in you, simply act accordingly. 

Situations can be endless before you, but you will not feel stressed out by any means. Be the boss of your own life, that is the only way out of the current hazardous situation. 

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