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Youth In A Changing World

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Youth In A Changing World


Children are the gifts of God to parents. That young child will in no time at all grow up to become a resposible future leader if he is well catered for. Therefore whatever they learn or grow up with is what they will act upon in their future.

Juvenile Deliquency is nothing but indiscipline among youth. An untrained child of today will destroy the future of himself and that of others. Remember Crowley in New york, the USA, Aninih and Shina Rambo, notorious armed robbers in Nigeria, they are today the world enemies. What shall we say of you and your children in future?

The rate of indiscipline and crime committed among young generation has escallated and is still increasing. Many stubborn, disobedient,wayward, foolish boys and girls are today all over our streets than we are able to imagine. The stigma is not only common with adolescents but also with young men and women betweene the age of 19 and 45. They are ready to kill, maim,or kidnap in as much as it will bring them fortune or pleasure. That was not the original plan of God for creating man at Eden.

Our society can now boast of more criminals than ever. Children are disobedient to parents, the spiritual leaders in various ministries and churches have more problem dealing with their youth, what is the way out is now the common question among the older generation. The political leaders do not help the situation as they employ young men and women as political thurgs,terrorists, or body guards leaving their own children to waste away in prostitution occultism and other social vices. The teachers and lecturers in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions have turned themselves to instruments in the hand of satan to use in teaching the younger generation prostitution cigarrette smoking and many more evils.

Parent, spiritual leaders, political leaders, teachers,in fact, everybody has murdered sleep and we either sleep with one eye closed or we no longer sleep at all. Social vices which are common among older generation are all living now with the younger generation- bribery and corruption, armed robbery, secret cultism, etc. May the Almighty save our nation

Our children need our prayer, care, love etc morethan ever before, if we actually want a change for good. Have we not failed in our duties of child training, if our parents had trained us as half baked when we were children, just as we are training our own children now, would God not have destroyed this world earlier than now One thousand and one questions run across our mind daily. Now where have we failed and what must we do to escape the judgement of God

We must first of all, study the causes,then effects and latter solutions to the societal challenges before us and our children these days. For answers to all the questions above, turn to my article titled (Causes of Moral Decadence among youth).

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