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A promotion code (coupon) is a credit that can be used to pay for advertising expenses. It is not provided at the request of the customer, but is specially distributed by his Google or Google partner during the campaign period.This is one of the promotions that sellers can set.It’s called the Amazon Promo Codes today (Promotion Discount).This is a measure to make it easier for purchasers to make bulk purchases.In this article, how to set up an Amazon promotion codeI will explain in more detail and in an easy-to-understand manner than anywhere else.

Only large sellers can set an Amazon promotion code.

4 sales promotion measures that can be done with Amazon.

There are four sales promotion measures that sellers can set on Amazon.



Sponsored products.


The promotion explained this time is an effective measure to motivate customers to purchase, but it is difficult to set it up and many sellers are not using it effectively.Let’s master the setting method and make a difference to other sellers.

Amazon Promotion Code Features:

In the promotion code, by using the option setting

You can set the following discounts.

Points ●● Yen discount for each purchase.

With purchase of ~ points or more ●●% OFF.

With purchase of points or more ●● Yen discount.

Points ●●% OFF for each purchase.

Buy one or more and get another gift.

One more gift for each purchase.

Free shipping on purchases of ~.

The setting itself is free.

Products suitable for setting promotion codes:

Products with many repeat purchases and bulk purchases at your store.

Products with relatively low prices.

Cosmetics, daily necessities, food, pet-related products.

These products have a promo code.

It is a suitable product, so please take on the challenge.

Terms of use for promotional codes:

In most cases, credits will be displayed on the admin screen when the advertiser meets certain criteria. This is usually the case when a new advertiser opens a new account. See the Promotion Code Terms of Service for more information.For example, let’s say your first offer says, “He can get 5,000 yen worth of credit for 2,500 yen worth of advertising.” To take advantage of these benefits and get his 5,000 yen credit, at least his 2,500 yen click after entering the promotion code on the Promotions page within 14 days of opening an account. Must be earned in your account. If you incur 2,500 yen worth of advertising costs, his 5,000 yen worth of credit will be displayed on the management screen within 5 days.

Check the progress of the promotion:

Check your account’s Promotions page for progress on credit acquisition. The information on this page is updated every few hours to see your credit earning status and status, as well as applied and expired promotions. To check the progress of your promotion.

Set conditions:

·Applicable condition.

Select from 3 patterns. 

·Purchase goods.

Select from the created product selection.

・ Promotion content.

Select from two patterns.

Discount amount / discount rate

・ Apply next.

Select from the following two.

Purchased products / applicable products

Purchased products: Apply all product selections selected in the “Purchased products” column.

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