November 30, 2023


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Know This before Buying Smoker Covers

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If you are one of those people who like to enjoy delicious outdoor lunch or dinner then you must think to take care of your smoker. It is obvious to leave the smoker outside if it is too heavy for you to carry inside the house. But have you ever thought that leaving your smoker outside like this can harm your smoker? You may not notice the damages suddenly but in long run, you will see what damages the outdoor environment can bring to your smoker if left outside uncovered. Leaving your precious smoker outside makes it prone to all the harsh weather elements. If you want to protect your grill, the only thing that you could do is to cover them up with an appropriate cover.

In this article, we will see what things you should look for before buying covers for your smoker.


To ordinary eyes, all the covers are of the same appearance. But actually, they vary largely depending upon the type of material used for making them. Here are some popular types of covers-

Vinyl- In terms of durability, vinyl covers have no match. They are extremely durable and the most perfect cover for outdoor use. Vinyl covers are most useful at the time of heavy rain due to their extreme water resistance. Vinyl covers are of 2 types- Heavy-duty vinyl covers and light covers. Heavy-duty covers are more durable compared to light ones.

Polyester- Polyester is the commonly used material for making outdoor covers. They are mostly preferred by people due to their light-weightiness. Often polyester is mixed with other materials for making them more durable. But before buying a polyester cover, be sure whether you have a polyester allergy or not as according to Healthline, if you have a polyester allergy then there are many health problems that you are going to face like rashes, skin tenderness, red marks, severe itching, etc.


There is no standard size for the smoker covers. So before buying your smoker cover make sure to properly take the measurements of your smoker or else you will end up buying the wrong cover for your smoker. 


Some smoker covers also come with some extra features like some have handlers, some have straps, air vents, or pockets, etc. Air vents are necessary to prevent moisture accumulation inside the cover otherwise the moisture will cause your smoker to rust. The handle or the straps on your covers allows you to remove the cover from your smoker conveniently. Pockets are generally used to accommodate other smoker accessories (if any). There are also various other features available which you can check before purchasing.


Budget is something that everyone considers before buying anything. But these covers do not cost much. You can easily get one within your budget. But if you want to give top-class protection to your smoker then it will be better if you consider a cover that is a bit expensive because the level of protection also increases with the price. 


These are some of the things that you must know before buying covers for your smoker. But remember best quality smoker covers could also get damaged after long usages so do not forget to take care of the cover also. | Newsphere by AF themes.